Avoiding Laundry Equipment Mistakes for Efficient Use of Your Machines

Avoiding Laundry Equipment Mistakes for Efficient Use of Your Machines

When a business has access to industrial laundry equipment, it can be very beneficial for their operations. However, a resource like laundry equipment services is only as useful as you allow them to be.

Therefore, if you are making some common industrial laundry equipment mistakes, it is going to make them only a fraction of how efficient they have the potential to be. So here is how you can avoid making the following laundry equipment mistakes to achieve efficient use of your equipment.

Putting Too Many Items in the Machine at Once

While it is true that these industrial laundry equipment give you access to machines that can handle much more than residential laundry machines, they do still have limitations. Overloading these machines is going to result in clothing being dried inconsistently since proper airflow will not be possible. It also puts more strain on the equipment, which is going to result in needing more frequent industrial laundry services.

Not Accounting for Different Fabric Types

Cleaning fabrics is not something that you can do by just gathering up whatever items you find and throwing them in together. Segmenting the laundry by fabric types is what allows you to best ensure that they don’t get damaged during the laundry cycle.

Despite this, many businesses choose to just throw everything in together and keep it on the exact same settings every time. But by taking advantage of laundry equipment services, you can find out exactly what the various settings on your equipment are best suited for so that every load of laundry is done to the correct settings for that specific fabric type.

Not Upgrading Old and Inefficient Machines

There are a lot of businesses that take the “if it isn’t broken, then don’t fix it” approach to their industrial laundry equipment. But there are a lot of other indicators that your machines might be in desperate need of replacement.

For example, if they start needing longer cycles to sufficiently clean the clothing, then this is costing your business both time and money. So it is important that you are upgrading any old and inefficient machines that you may still be using.

Rely on these tips and professional laundry equipment services in order to make sure that your industrial laundry equipment is running as efficiently as possible. You can get dependable industrial laundry services at Consolidated Laundry Machinery today.