How acupuncture helps to cure covid-19

How acupuncture helps to cure covid-19

Acupuncture is a technique with useful characteristics in the treatment of Covid-19.

Although Acupuncture for Long COIVD19 is a preventive treatment, treatment with needles helps a lot once patients have discomfort. It balances the body and stimulation of the points where the needles are placed superficially to help regulate sleep and digestion and even hormonal cycles.

Some countries have already started using acupuncture treatment to treat Covid-19, which is essential. A preventive acupuncture protocol was developed in Brazil to stimulate immunity against the virus, mainly using systemic acupuncture points and auriculo therapy.

Acupuncture is a technique with useful characteristics in the treatment of Covid-19. It is known that it can be used, among other benefits, to strengthen the immune system, providing greater resistance by the body to developing serious stages of the disease.

On the other hand, auriculo therapy is a branch of acupuncture used to treat conditions because it offers a fast-acting and effective treatment. It is easy to use, economical, and free of collateral costs and does not prevent the patient from carrying out any activity, so it is another pillar of acupuncture that can be used to treat Covid-19.

How does it work against the virus?

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has characteristics that make it one more option in treating Covid-19. Highlights the following:

  • They are a set of generally innocuous therapies, which usually lack or have minimal side effects.
  • They do not generate dependency, tolerance, and long-term effects.
  • They are used to complement other treatments.
  • It combats insomnia and improves the quality of sleep.
  • Recent studies show that acupuncture can relieve symptoms of cognitive decline related to age.
  • This treatment balances the body's energy, which helps mental problems, as these are related to irregular energy.
  • The brain sends signals to the body and, for that, it needs energy. The points stimulated by acupuncture send reflexes to the brain to work regularly because all the meridians in the body circulate to the brain.

The philosophy of Chinese medicine is preventive. This includes Acupuncture treatment Montreal and other herbal treatments: there are about three thousand different herbs for medicinal use. When a point is stimulated with acupuncture, defense can be raised. We are surrounded by viruses, and acupuncture combined with acupressure, digit message, and exercises raise the immune system.

Acupuncture is a technique and only can be done by Licensed Acupuncturist. It can be practiced by almost everyone and everywhere, especially popular for learning techniques of acupuncture. It is very democratic and can be used as a complementary treatment for a number of diseases. The Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor can successfully give acupuncture treatment. It consists of the insertion of fine needles whose sizes range between two and 50 centimetres long. It is used against headaches, muscles, and joints. In addition, to combat constipation, inflammation, insomnia, Stress. Recently come infected with COVID-19 or with squeal, Stress, anxiety, and the brain.

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