Why you need to have Carrot juice ??

Why you need to have Carrot juice ??

Carrot has always been known for its vitamin A content, helping to improve eyesight...Apart from that, why should we juice this bright and beautiful veggie?

We all know one of the most important health benefit carrots have to offer - good eyesight! Did you know it can give us a lot of other health benefits? So sweet and delicious - and grown locally..."rooted" in healthy diets as a mainstay.

Carrots are always tossed on chinese cusine like manchurian, noodles, pasta and a sweet dish in India called Gajar ka Halwa.

Why you need to have Carrot juice ??


There's also a gorgeous array of carrot colours, including orange, yellow, red and purple! They are sometimes more nutty tasting and sometimes very sweet to taste!

A glass of carrot juice can let you reach a milestone on health, and here are some reasons that will get you hooked!!

  • Foremost important being Good for Eye Sight, carrots are rich in Vitamin A content- the beta carotene which is responsible for improving the functionality of eyes. All the orange & red color foods are known to be rich in beta carotene, be it pumpkins or tomatoes.
  • They are rich in antioxidants....Being rich in antioxidants, it gives you a clear skin, helps to remove free radicals from the body and slows down the aging process! Younger radiant skin? I'll drink carrot juice to that!
  • It improves heart health. Carrots are rich in fibre & antioxidants. It helps in removing free radicals and the plaque from arteries  thus improving the blood circulation in the body & the functioning of heart.
  • Carrot juice contributes to bone health & nervous system which indirectly improves the power & functioning of brain as it is rich in minerals like phosphorus & potassium; vitamins like Vitamin B6 & Vitamin K
  • Carrot juice is fights against infections, bacteria & viruses. It reduces the inflammation & boosts immunity. Have it when not well & see the difference  of healing.
  • It is highly recommended to be had by diabetic patients as it maintains the blood glucose levels & also lowers the cholesterol & hypertension, because of its potassium level.
Why you need to have Carrot juice ??

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Yes, carrots have a lot of other miraculous benefits apart from maintaining a good eyesight. Boost your immunity by having a glass of juice daily!!

Pro tip: Trying to lose weight or develop muscles? Have a glass of carrot juice post workout & increase the effectiveness of the work through carrot's nutritional benefits.

Add beetroots, cucumbers or tomatoes to carrot juice, further improving nutritional benefits!

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Why you need to have Carrot juice ??