Can Lemon Cleanse Your Body?

Can Lemon Cleanse Your Body?

Adding lemons to your water for detoxification? Does it really work?

By simply adding lemons to a glass of warm or cold water it's said to promote weight loss, detoxify the body, cleanse the digestive system and improve gut PH. We recommend doing this as part of our 3, 5 and 7-day Bodhi Cleanse.  What do they contain that produce all of these health benefits? Why should we promote lemons to our daily diets? Lets understand...

Lemon & Benefits

Lemons contains many phytonutrients which have many antioxidant and antibiotic properties. Antioxidants help to remove free radicals from our body, delaying premature aging and making skin appear younger. Lemons have antibiotic properties as well, which protects from harmful germs.

Can Lemon Cleanse Your Body?

Lemon in Sparkling Soda - Fast Relieve from Acidity

Lemons have a compound called Limonin which has anti-obesity properties, that promotes weight loss!

For better results for weight loss, add juice from one lemon to a glass of warm water and enjoy first thing in the morning. I like to add a bit of ginger as well, which helps reduce inflammation and bloating. Plus it tastes amazing!

Lemons are citrus fruit, very rich in Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps to eliminate free radicals, toxins, promotes firmer skin, and most importantly boost immunity.

Can Lemon Cleanse Your Body?

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice when mixed with olive oil and avocados can eliminate gall bladder stones from the body.

Lemon juice has beneficial effects on kidney and liver function. When toxins accumulate in the GI tract, it affects the functioning of liver and kidney. Lemon juice helps to purge toxins, indirectly supporting the functioning of liver and kidney.

Polyphenols present in Lemon improves the digestion of the food in the body.

Try have a spoon of lemon juice and a hint of salt after a heavy dinner, followed by drinking water. It makes you feel lighter, improves digestion capacity and burns fat.

Pectin present in Lemon can promote metabolism and lower the amount of cholesterol in the body.

Organic cold-pressed Lemon juice is an important ingredient in Bodhi Bar's Detox Concoction, Power Glow and Leafy Love juices.

On a hot summer day, lemon juice keeps you hydrated & also promotes fat burning.

Carry a bottle of lemon juice (without sugar/salt) to the gym and see improved workout results!!

The oil from lemon rinds are beautifully fragrant and have antiseptic properties. Add some lemon essential oil to vodka and water and you can use it to clean your home from top to bottom, without adding toxins to your family's home environment! instead of using commercial toxic air fresheners or "fabric cleaners", set your spray bottle to mist and spray the air, drapes and furniture with the same concoction. Squirt a little in your mouth while you're at your house will never be more fun!

Can Lemon Cleanse Your Body?

Lemon Tree at Home