What are the structures of books in book printing

What are the structures of books in book printing

What are the structural components of a book? Below a professional Chinese printer will introduce in details for you.

1. Cover

The cover (also known as cover one, front cover, cover, written) is printed with the title of the book, the name of the author and translator, and the name of the publisher. The cover has the function of expressing the core theme of the book, beautifying the book and protecting the inner pages of the book.

2. Back cover

The uniform book number and price are printed on the lower right of the back cover of the book (also known as the fourth cover), and the copyright page is printed on the back cover of the journal, or used to print the text and pictures of the catalog and other non-text parts.

3. Spine

The spine (also known as the spine cover) refers to the ridge that connects the front and back covers. The spine of the book is generally printed with the title, volume, volume, collection, volume, author and translator name and publisher name for easy checking.

4. Lex

The cover and back cover of the paperback book (or the outer incision of the hardcover book has more than 30mm left on one side of the cover and the part of the paper that is folded inward is called the folded mouth (also called the folded mouth and the folded page). Nowadays, more and more books with a folded mouth are used. The more common.Introduction or brief commentary of the book is often printed on the front of the mouth, and it can also be printed with the author's resume and portrait, or the author's other works or similar books of this book.

5. Endpaper

Endpaper (also known as serial backing, or butterfly page) is a backing paper between the cover and the book block, usually half glued to the back of the cover and half movable, because it is used in the form of two linked rings , so called "Endpaper". The one in front of the book is called the front ring lining, and the one behind the book is called the rear Endpaper. The purpose by Chinese printers is to strengthen the connection between the cover and the inner core.

6. Board paper

The Board paper (also known as the inner cover or sub-cover) refers to the page after the book cover or front lining and before the main text. The Board paper is usually printed with the title of the book, the name of the author or translator, the publisher and the year and month of publication. The Board paper also plays a decorative role and enhances the aesthetics of the book. The blank page lined between the second front cover and the Board paper is called the front lining page, and the blank page lining the last page of the main text and the third front cover is called the back lining page.

7. Girdle

The girdle (also known as the book girdle) is a piece of paper wrapped around the middle of the book cover and is an external decoration. Its height is generally equal to one-half of the height of the book, but it can be larger: it must be wide enough to not only cover the front cover, spine and back cover, but also have a slit on each side. Promotional, promotional text and graphics related to the book can be printed on the girdle. The main function of the girdle is to decorate the cover or complement the underperformance of the cover. Girdle seals are generally made of paper with better strength.


The jacket is a flat square print. Its height is equal to the book, the length can wrap the front cover, the spine and the back cover, and there is a 5-10mm inward folded mouth on each side. The paper for the cover should be of good quality and not easy to tear.

9. Incision

The incision refers to the three sides of the book except the stitching. These three sides, compared with the burrs, must be processed and cut. The upper incision is called "upper incision", or "book top". The lower incision is called "lower incision", also known as "book root". The other side of the incision opposite to the binding is also called "book edge".

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