U.S. Engine-Driven Welder Market Growth and Forecast Report 2030

U.S. Engine-Driven Welder Market Growth and Forecast Report 2030

United States Engine-Driven Welder Market Analysis and Forecast Report by 2030.

The growing requirement for engine-driven welders to suffice the dual purpose of producing power and welding in the mining industry and rising construction activities are driving the U.S. engine-driven welder market. Hence, equipment sales generated $122.3 million in 2021, and this number will likely grow to $185.8 million in 2030, with a 4.8% CAGR from 2021 to 2030. There has been a significant rise in the usage of improved engine-driven welders owing to manufacturing companies' development of small, light, and efficient products.

Due to the pacing up of mining activities across the country, the demand for such systems is likely to expand rapidly. The value of the raw mineral produced by the country in 2020 stood at $90,000 million, growing by another $10,000 million, or 10%, in one year. Moreover, a surge in the need to repair mining equipment propels the U.S. engine-driven welder market advance. Mining companies prefer such welders owing to their dual operational capability for prime and backup power supply, in addition to their primary purpose of welding.

The construction sector also utilizes engine-driven welders for various purposes, concerning their dual usage. Therefore, as construction activities are likely to increase in remote areas without any surety of power availability, the U.S. engine-driven welder market will only grow. Due to their application for supplying power when there is no ensured availability of electricity and serving as a welding machine simultaneously, they have become widely common in construction sites.

The sales of engine-driven welders with a power output of 300 to 399 Amperes continues to rise in the country. The primary factor behind such U.S. engine-driven welder market growth in this category is their rising usage in the construction, pipeline, structural steelwork, and maintenance and fabrication applications. Farmers also widely use 300–399A engine-driven welders for equipment repair and fabrication applications. This is why this power rating category will likely witness the fastest growth, at a 5% CAGR, in the coming years.

Thus, the construction sector has benefitted the market due to the numerous infrastructure projects backed by the government of the country.