Seed Treatment Necessary to satiate the Hunger of Growing Population

Seed Treatment Necessary to satiate the Hunger of Growing Population

Presently, APAC is the largest seed treatment market because it is home to some of the most-agriculturally productive countries in the world.

There is no stopping the ever-increasing population in the world. Increasing population directly means that you have to feed a large number of people to give them a healthy life. China and India are the nations that have the maximum population in the world. Green Revolution brought about an improved variety of seeds to increase the yield, known as the HYV seeds. The global population will reach 8.5 billion in 2030, and increase further to approx. 10 billion in the year 2050 and 11.2 billion by 2100.

Because of the snowballing demand for biofuels on account of the rising ecological concerns and government initiatives and numerous private organizations, the need for seed treatment goods would show considerable development. For the production of numerous biofuels, a diversity of plants is utilized. For example, bioethanol is made by the fermentation of sugar which is derived from starchy crops like sugarcane. So as to produce superior-quality biofuels, the plant seeds from which, oil or sugar is extracted should be of premium quality, which will increase the demand for seed treatment.

APAC adds 51 million more rice consumers every year. The current count of 524 million tonnes of rice will increase to 700 million tonnes by 2025 utilizing less land, fewer people, a lesser amount of water, and fewer pesticides with a seed treatment. The area under rice, which is a major food grain in the world currently occupies around 56 % of the total area and has about 76% of the total production.

It will not be easy to increase land area because of soil salinity, high development cost, scarcity of water, other uses of water, and ecological apprehensions. Therefore, augmented productivity can be achieved using advanced technologies such as the process of seed treatment. It is because of the need for more foodgrain and cereals, the seed treatment market has tremendous growth potential in the future

There is a lot of demand for seed treatment in the world to feed the increasing population of the world. It is also because of the various initiatives taken by the public and private institutions to improve the yield of crops.