Obesity and Pregnancy – Few Facts We Must Share with You

Obesity and Pregnancy – Few Facts We Must Share with You

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Obesity is a recent epidemic. In the UK, one out of five antenatal women is obese. In the USA 60% of adults are obese now. In this perspective, obesity is now considered as an important health problem. Pregnancies are often complicated by obesity as obese gravid women develop pregnancy complications at a faster rate than the non-obese.

But How Do You Know Whether You Are Obese or Not?

A generalized definition of obesity is if your BMI is >30kg/m2. BMI is the abbreviated form of body mass index. It is calculated as body weight in Kg/ body surface area in m2.

BMI [Kg/m2] - Weight status

<18.5 - Underweight

18.5-24.9 - Normal

25-29.9 - Overweight

>30 - Obese

Typical body surface area[BSA] for a newborn is 0.25 m2, child of 2 years old 0.5 m2, child of 10 years old 1.14 m2, adult women 1.6 m2, adult man 1.9 m2. You can get it also by putting your dimensions in a computation. i.e. www.calculator.net.

Obesity and Pregnancy Risks

Obesity acts as a barrier to fertility. You may have to stumble upon infertility and abortions if you are obese. Moreover, these complications are significantly increased if you particularly have central obesity, i.e. significant fat deposition around your waist.

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