Did You Resolve to Go on a Diet? Learn How It Could Affect Your Teeth

Did You Resolve to Go on a Diet? Learn How It Could Affect Your Teeth

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Going on a diet has to be one of the most popular resolutions and it is seemingly a healthy choice. However it is important to think about how your diet might affect your teeth, especially some of the more extreme diets around at the moment.

High-Protein/Low-Carb Diets

This particular diet may actually help your teeth through lowering your risk of tooth decay as it reduces the amount of sugary and carbohydrate rich foods eaten. However some people find they have acid reflux after eating too much protein, and this can bring up strong acid from your stomach, allowing it to wash over your teeth and increasing the risk of acid erosion. In addition there is the risk of developing bad breath on a high-protein diet due to the gases produced by your stomach.

Paleo Diet

This is also called the caveman diet and revolves around trying to eat in a way that is similar to our ancestors. In some ways this can be a good thing for your teeth as it removes heavily processed foods that can be high in sugars which is obviously good news for your dental health. However this diet doesn’t contain any dairy products which are packed full of essential vitamins and calcium. It’s worth considering if this diet will offer all the vitamins and minerals you need for healthy teeth and gums.

5:2 Diet

This is another popular diet around at the moment and focuses on fasting for two days a week while following a normal diet for the other five days. This is by no means a bad thing, that it’s important to make sure that you don’t eat too much sugar during the five days of normal eating. Fasting isn’t really a good idea for those suffering from diabetes as it will obviously play havoc with their blood sugar levels. Diabetics are already more at risk of developing oral health problems so this one is probably best avoided if you are insulin dependent.

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