Supply Chain Management - Pain Points

Supply Chain Management - Pain Points

Important Issues in Supply Chain Management and How to Overcome Them. Role of ERP in the supply chain process.

Effective supply chain management enables business firms to analyze the movement of the raw materials needed to manufacture products, optimize inventory levels to reduce costs, and synchronize supply with customer demand. There are many complex challenges in supply chain management. Some of them are listed out below.

1. Difficulty in finding the right employees/talents

2. Hard to compete with the quicker speeds of the industry

3. Uncertainty in supply and demand

4. Lack of planning

5. Deployment issues

6. Loss of productivity time in low-value data collection & manipulation efforts

7. Inability to trace and track the products effectively

8. Critical and vital information is unavailable when required resulting in loss of sales, out of stocks and unnecessary markdowns

9. Disconnection in the working environment

10. Performance issues with managing large amounts of data

11. System integration concerns

12. The increasing need for high performing applications

How does ERP help in tackling the issues of supply chain management?

ERP software/enterprise resource planning system enables the business to tackle all the complex problems in supply chain management. ERP software can be utilized for all types of service sectors/supply chain management.