Cannabis vape sales are currently booming throughout the world. Head over at Homegrown Cannabis Co. and check other products.There are many reasons why businesses, retailers, and consumers alike are drawn to the category.

Why Brands Are Attracted To Cannabis Vapes

Brands have never been more interested in cannabis vapes. The category's sales numbers are appealing, as is its perennial second-place ranking on both the US and Canadian market share charts behind dried flowers. Licensed producers and single/multistate operators appreciate them for other reasons as well.

Brands can expand their product offering by offering cannabis vapes in order to reach a wider audience. Additionally, it allows brands to turn any aesthetically-imperfect dried flower into a hot commodity, increasing overall sales revenue and reducing waste.

Modern vape hardware is also customizable, which attracts brands. It doesn't matter if it's through a unique ODM design or hundreds of combinations of surface finish, treatment, and mouthpieces, the devices themselves are the perfect canvas for brand logos, colors, and artwork to be displayed.

Cannabis Vapes Are Attracting Retailers

Vapes are so popular that retailers and dispensaries should need no further incentive to stock up on them, but that’s just scratching the surface of why so many retailers and dispensaries have taken an interest in this category.

Among the many cannabis products available at retail, cannabis vapes stand out. Vape hardware is created with unique features, aesthetics and customizations designed to catch the eye of perusing customers and capture their attention. Retailers can capitalize on this trend by creating their own white-label batteries and vape accessories bearing their own logos, colors, and names.

Consumers would appreciate several attractive aspects of cannabis vape products, which are inherently attractive to retailers.

The delivery method uses no combustion, so carcinogens are not released

Our heavy-metal, extract composition, and battery safety tests are comprehensive. Compared to dried flowers, they provide a more comprehensive range of flavors and more targeted effects

User experience is enhanced by their myriad features

Nonetheless, retailers might find they prefer cannabis vape products because they could actually attract more customers into their stores as a result of the fallout from the PACT Act-and by that we mean the logistical challenges caused by mail restrictions and other barriers to supplying cannabis vape products. Vapes may play a crucial role in making the difference between an online and in-store purchase for retailers. A bigger crowd in a store means more revenue for retailers.

The Appeal Of Cannabis Vapes To Consumers

While we could go on all day about why cannabis vape products have become so popular, we'll keep it short for now.

Among all cannabis products, vapes have the best user experience. Vaping cannabis offers superior flavor, push-button and breath-activation options, variable temperature settings, and measurable dose control.

Consumers value more than just those features when it comes to vape hardware. With the preheating functionality, users in cold climates do not waste any extract. Integrated safety mechanisms and over-consumption controls guarantee user safety. 510 threads make it easy for users to swap cartridges on their favorite batteries, thanks to rechargeable devices, which are always ready for busy people.

Besides the convenience and portability of vape products, consumers are also attracted to them. In addition to being easy to use, most vapes are easy to assemble and disassemble as well. In other words, they require no preparation aside from periodic recharging and can be enjoyed in any location.

In addition to their discrete nature, they are lightweight and compact, and their bodies do not emit any odor! In addition to this, there is the collector appeal certain cannabis vapes have, especially those featuring unique artwork or produced in rare editions.