Building a List of B2B Prospects

Building a List of B2B Prospects

Building a good quality, and in depth, list of B2B prospects is one of the most important first steps a company can take to reaching their business and marketing goals. Having a list of qualified leads can make the difference between building a great new business relationship and receiving radio silence. The issue with finding a good list of qualified leads, is that it can be incredibly difficult for most sales and marketing teams. Building a list of B2B prospects is a huge undertaking for the average company and can take up many valuable hours of your sales and marketing teams. The solution to this? Investing in good quality lead generation companies.

Building a list of qualified leads is a skill in and of itself, so it can be a big help to turn to the professionals. A company that specializes in lead generation Canada knows the ins and outs of not only gathering quality information, but also keeping that information updated and top notch. Did you know that database information decays at an estimated rate of 20% each year? With business and contact information continually changing within companies, it can take a professional team who really knows what they are doing to keep a database continually updated. Instead of having your team spend countless hours combing through LinkedIn and other platforms, make the switch to Scott’s Directories today.

As one of the most accomplished lead generation companies Canada, we here at Scott’s Directories offer our subscribers an immediate advantage by providing access to a comprehensive and professionally curated lead generation database. Empower your team with the information that they need to build a qualified list of B2B prospects with a subscription to Scott’s Directories lead generation database. With over 580,000 business profiles and over 1.2 million contacts for your sales team to reach out to, your team is sure to find the companies that fit the buyer persona they are looking for.

However, that’s not all that we can do for you! Inbound lead generation can also be improved by lead generation companies. Inbound lead generation is helpful, because it provides companies a great way to reach out to already qualified leads, who have prior interest in their products and services. Inbound lead generation also provides companies lots of control over the entire lead generation process. However, creating the right inbound lead generation can be tricky, so Scott’s Directories can step in to help you and your team here as well. Scott’s Directories Digital Marketing Division, powered by MacRAE’S, will help you build multiple sales funnels throughout your site to help guide visitors through the purchasing cycle. Upgrade every facet of you and your team’s lead generation strategies today, with Scott’s Directories.