Whole Health Strength & Fitness...Why?

Whole Health Strength & Fitness...Why?

We live one life and living it healthy, strong and fit is what saved my life and now I get to help others along their path with compassion and love.

Whole Health; Strength & Fitness... Why?

Why Whole Health; Strength & Fitness you ask?  I appreciate you asking, as I hold this business very close to my heart. To give you a better understanding of how important this is to me, I will introduce myself to you and see if you can put it together.

My name is Chelsi Rodrigues

As a child and into my teens I was neither very active nor did I have good nutritional habits. I was overweight and fairly lazy for the most part. Going into High School, this did not help me. Due to all of the insecurities and self-esteem problems I had, I got myself into a lot of trouble and was also bullied, a lot. I would not participate in gym class, I ate fast food a lot and gained more weight and was mistreated as a reflection of mistreating myself and sometimes others.

Chelsi Rodrigues

Self Esteem

Moving Away to Get Better

When I got kicked out of my High School and my family moved to get me out of the trouble I was getting into. My gym teacher was able to push me to realize something about myself that I would have never in a million years, that I could find something I saw myself enjoying.

One of our gym classes was based outside and we were performing a run, I tried to walk behind and smoke with my friends but my teacher persisted I try and run, run with her! Since she was so persistent and I felt I couldn’t get away from her, I did run with her. It was the best thing that happened in my life. I was the second to finish the run out of my entire gym class (which consisted of athletes as well). At the time I was a smoker so my throat was burning, but I never felt so happy or good about something in my life.

The New Journey begins...

Since that day, my life has changed drastically. I fell in love with health and fitness. At the time I thought I had a healthy change, which, it was much better than my previous lifestyle, however, I began working out too much and depriving myself from foods. At the time I thought if I were to be healthier, I would lose weight and maybe others would like me more. Of course, this is not what had happened, I was mistreated and abused in other ways at that time. I felt sick and was losing so much energy. I didn’t feel good, even though I looked good.

Due to depriving myself, I ended up binging, one Easter night; which resulted in a binging cycle for me. I would eat clean and workout hard one week, the next week I would eat something bad and tell myself I’m worthless and turn into a miserable couch potato. Since I got into a binging cycle and still had a very poor mentality and sense of self, the 50 lbs I lost, very quickly came back on.

chelsi rodrigues

Healthy Balanced LIfe

I Am a Good Person... I Am....

One day along this two year binging cycle, I happened to start a job which I did not apply for and met a man on my first shift. That night I went to the man’s house to sit with him and his wife and talk about crystals. I was not responding to anything they were saying or trying to tell me, I had TOO many walls built up. They sent me home repeating to myself ‘I am a good person, I am a good person, I am a good person..’ This changed my life. My drive home that night was very different that night, the trees around me had a glow to them, I was smiling at what seemed to be nothing, I slept great that night and went to see the family again the next morning. They began to perform energy healing work on me, known as Reiki.

After several sessions with them and an abundance of learning, my mentality shifted and that is when my life really changed.

My Life is Whole

I began to have a healthier relationship with good, eating healthy, organic and hormone free foods, but allowing myself a treat without guilt when I felt like having one, my exercise became regular but was not excessive. My weight began to melt off, my energy became so high and I was beginning to truly find myself and a passion. Shortly after, an incredible man walked into my life and continued to uplift my life. I began learning more about science, life and alternative arts and healing.

Chelsi Rodrigues


Now, I live a healthy, balanced life and love to help others live healthier, happier lives as well. I have been a Personal Trainer for 2.5 years now and love the work I do. I strongly enjoy working with people who have depression, high anxiety or adrenal fatigue. My focus is on Functional Training and Natural Healing. I am not a master at all and therefore have some referral programs within the community. I love what I do and love to share my passion.

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