Cucumber Marketing for the #LocalBusiness

Cucumber Marketing for the #LocalBusiness

Oh ya, that's right we are going to use cucumbers to describe marketing efforts of the local business. Which One Are You?

Basically, there are 3 things you can do with a cucumber:

1) You can let it ROT in the fridge

2) You Eat It

3) You Can Pickle It

What on earth does a cucumber have to do with marketing your business? These 3 scenarios pretty much sum up how so many people market their business.

1) LET IT ROT IN THE FRIDGE:  All of us at one point have forgotten something in the fridge.  NO matter how good it is, if we are not reminded it is there, eventually, we forget.  Many businesses, fail simply because the don't feel the need to constantly let people know what they do.

If you own a business, you have to tell people about it.  New prospects and existing customers MUST be communicated to, otherwise they will go somewhere else. This is the age of information, we can GUARANTEE YOU, someone is creating fresh messages online if you are not.

2) EAT THE CUCUMBER: This is the theory that you open your doors, you bring in new business and you never follow up with your customers.  In this day and age, your customers have so much competing for their dollar and they want to know that you care about them.

Social Media is a perfect opportunity to maintain the value you created the first time you met your customer.   Did you offer your client some incentive to come back? The were right there!!!!

Do you establish a relationship with them while you provided a product or a service? Did you ask them what they wanted to give you better ideas for your business?

Your customer is should be a huge part of your marketing strategy. Talk to them, love them, enjoy them, turn them into your team.

3) PICKLE THE CUCUMBER: By pickling the cucumber you take something that starts out to have very little cost add some value to it and turn it into something that is extremely valuable. Cucumbers + Vinegar = Pickles.  Pickles last forever.

This is such a great option as you take that first client meeting and turn it into something incredible. Once the client gives you that first opportunity, you have spent the "Big Bucks" Now, it doesn't take long to ADD value to that relationship.

The value you can add can be knowledge and trust and that can lead to more business.

How do you add that value?  You educate, you listen, you try new things.  Get your customers email, have them subscribe to a magazine you are part of, but take every opportunity to take that original connection and turn it into something worth so much more.

Treat your clients well give them knowledge and turn your basic relationship (Cucumber) and turn it into something that last so much longer (Pickles)

Cucumber Marketing

Cucumbers Can Grow Into Pickles