C'est Cheese Please

C'est Cheese Please

Come in and sample some of the over 100 varieties of cheese that are in stock at C’est Cheese Please!

Cheese, glorious cheese!

Aged cheddars, Ontario and Quebec artisanal cheeses and fine imported cheeses are our specialty along with gourmet goodies for your discerning palate.

How We Began

I’m not sure how one arrives at the idea to open a store – the adventure is full of pitfalls and landmines but on October 31st, 2009 I did just that!

I have always enjoyed cooking after a rocky start with stew that was mostly gristle and a Home Economics teacher who insisted on making cookies from cake mixes! The satisfaction that comes from seeing your family and friends enjoying the grand nosh around your table is one that is hard to describe, but once you have experienced it, you are hooked.

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Wendi Yates

The Seduction of Fine Foods

I have cookbooks, magazines and sheets and sheets of recipes that I have collected over the years. I get seduced by ingredients – the mere thought of pomegranate molasses, apple butter, or Balsamic Vinegar with a Port Wine Reduction gets my tastebuds going and even worse, my imagination as I create in my mind’s eye, another feast!

After working at a fabulous cheese booth at the (now defunct) Waterloo Farmer’s Market for 8 years, I decided to take the plunge and “live the dream” and there, that’s how “C’est Cheese Please!” happened.

So I consider myself blessed beyond belief to have the opportunity to welcome you to my addiction.

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C'est Cheese Please

We carry a wide and ever-changing variety of cheeses. At anytime, there are close to 100 cheeses to choose from and we are constantly searching for new, wonderful selections to add.

To assist you, we have compiled a listing of the cheeses that have graced our display case along with a description and where appropriate, a wine or beer selection. Please remember that due to seasonal availabilty and other reasons beyond our control, the stock is constantly changing.

Visit our Website for a list of Cheeses HERE

My on-going addiction to cheese and other gourmet delights is found in my Blog.

Wendi's BLOG

Please check it often as I will detail in-store specials and lots of information about storing, serving and cooking with cheese in the postings.

Here are a few of the subjects that I have covered to date:

  • Crozier Blue
  • Le Cendrillion
  • Mont St. Benoit
  • Niagara Gold

Custom Cheese Trays

Our Cheese trays come either with an abundance of fresh fruit and nuts or as an antipasti tray with grilled and marinated vegetables. A wide variety of condiments are available and may be added. All trays come with a variety of crackers.

cest cheese please


Custom Gift Baskets

Custom gift baskets can be created for you. They contain specialty cheese(s) along with crackers and some of the condiments that we carry.

Please phone 519-624-9642 to order any of our trays or gift baskets or visit our



DROP BY AND VISIT and sample some of our great cheeses. Be sure to look up and down our little shop is packed with some lovely gift items.

12 Water Street South, Cambridge Ontario

cest cheese please

C'est Cheese Please