Artist Heather Kocsis

Artist Heather Kocsis

Creating Captivating Architectural One of a Kind Artworks Available at the Studio and by Commission.

Heather Kocsis - Love What You Do

I would be happy to discuss my art and commissioned work or have you visit my studio. You can reach me directly by clicking on the button at the bottom of the article, Let's Connect.

My education relating to my passion for artmaking began within the limestone walls of Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. I was fortunate to have the time to spend hours upon hours at the studio. I immersed myself in the art, attempting to say something "profound", as most young people try to do. I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree; my thesis specialized in the traditional techniques of Printmaking.

After graduating from Queen's University, I replied to an advertisement looking for young artists which led to my involvement within the arts culture of the Kitchener-Waterloo area.

Creative Breakthrough

As I was preparing for a group art exhibition late one evening in my studio in downtown Kitchener,  I experienced a creative breakthrough; one that comes very rarely, if at all; a breakthrough that really makes you feel something. I glanced down at the studio floor and noticed a photograph I had taken of an alleyway was literally lying beside a 2 ft x 3 ft piece of weathered plwood. My printmaker's eye noticed the similar textures of the grain of the wood and the brickwall of the alleyway in the photograph. I picked up the piece of wood and ripped it with my hands to release the different textures of the wood. Using the tools I had available within my studio, a handsaw, scissors, hammer and nails, I layered and pieced together the geometric elements of the composition within the photograph to recreate the essence of the alleyway. I applied oil paint to further emphasize the amazing textures of the wood, and that was my first architectural wall-sculpture, or as I name them "wood assemblage". It was wonderful and it was fun. It was at that moment architecture became my metaphor to connect with people. I realize it is a special gift and I gratefully honour it by aiming to elevate each piece to a new level for the art lover.

Keather Kocsis

Heather Kocsis at work in the Studio

Architecture embodies the power to speak to people of all ages. The buildings we live in, work in, and pass by everyday, that make up our community, contain the stories that resonate within us, holding the power of connection and nostalgia. People often ask me to create a special piece for them; capturing the essence of the memories that are close to their heart.

My Studio and Showroom

I invite people to the studio/showroom in Cambridge, Ontario. I welcome people to experience the essence of the work in person. The artworks are very interactive as the dimension of the work invites the person into the work; initiating a relationship. Connecting with people through the love of art and architecture is one of the great aspects of what I do.

Please contact me to arrange a time to visit the studio to see pieces on display, and works in progress:  519.781.2335 or you can email me:

This Video Gallery captivates selected artworks and private commissions:

Video Gallery

Heather Kocsis, Langdon Hall

Langdon Hall, 25 in x 40 in x 5 in, unpainted.  A private commission gifted honouring the Inn's 25th Anniversary.

Heather Kocsis, Langdon Hall

The completed Langdon Hall, on permanent display at the Inn.

I am often asked to create pieces for clients of architectural scenes close to their heart. I can create a piece from a very special small piece to something more substantial.

Below is a work in progess of a scene of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Heather Kocsis

Halifax in Progress

Heather Kocsis

The Beauty of Halifax, oil on wood, 18 in x 48 in x 5 in

Architectural Digest Design Show

Every March, I prepare to showcase my works at the fabulous and fun, Architectural Digest Design Show in Manhattan, New York.  A wonderful art, architectural and design show, this art fair gets better every year. I will be returning for my sixth consecutive year this March.

You can read more about the experience HERE on my website

Heather Kocsis

2016 New York Show

I look forward to connecting with you and showing you my work.

Heather Kocsis

Here is the Link to Architectural Digest Design Show in Manhattan, New York