2020 Luxury Kitchen Trends.

2020 Luxury Kitchen Trends.

Create the most beautiful luxury kitchen with an arrangement of tri-colored décor and furnishings.

The 2020 trend for kitchens includes combining your favorite textures, colors, and styles in one. You no longer have to pick and choose - you can have your cake and eat it too!

Here are some of the most popular trends already making waves this year.

Back to Nature

Embrace your love of live edge and plants by incorporating those elements into your décor. Invite nature in with a living wall of herbs and spices. A living wall brings the outside in to liven up your space – and you can cook delicious meals with the results. Bonus! Wood cabinets, islands, furnishings are classic and are making a statement in 2020. Chunky wood pieces and live edge liven up space with unique textures. Check out these gorgeous HGTV inspired luxury kitchens

Accent Wall and Backsplash

2020 has changed the game for accent walls. They are no longer only part of the powder room or living room conversation – they have evolved. Modern kitchens are adopting accent walls in the form of elaborate backsplashes. Marble is a popular choice for creating a visual masterpiece in the form of an extended backsplash that covers a large space or an entire wall. Decorative tiles, large scale windows, brick, and bookshelves are also making statements in luxury kitchens, click here to be inspired.

Mix & Match Colors

Tri-colored kitchens are allowing homeowners to combine all of their favorite things in one place. Dark wooden cabinets, moss green islands and marble backsplashes are leading the charge in luxury kitchen décor. Mix the combination of colors and textures that makes your heart sing. 2020 is a year of experimentation and creative flow. Have fun with it. For additional ideas on how to create winning combinations, click here.

2020 is a year of creativity where you can dream outside the lines. Allow yourself to explore with design, color, and texture. Need more inspiration? For additional Elle Décor 2020 kitchen trends click here or call the Forest Hill Keystone team for ways to upgrade your kitchen and add value. Let’s get creative together!