Read Why Customers First Choice is Nanya Group

Read Why Customers First Choice is Nanya Group

This is the review of Randeep Singh, Who is running a successful Automobile Repair Shop of E Rickshaws in Shadhra, Delhi.

I have been in the Spare parts wholesale business for more than a decade. I landed in this business after 4 years of working in the automobile industry. Post my completion of Automobile engineering, I got placed via campus placements. Ever since I have seen many trends which keep floating, especially in spare parts, but my concern had always been the quality product that is affordable to the customer. I could not continue with my job because of unavoidable circumstances. However, everything happens for a reason. For about 30-40 days I did a lot of research about different businesses in the auto industry I decided to start as a wholesaler with an ambition to gradually step into manufacturing.

When you are selling Auto spare parts or Battery Rickshaw Spare parts, one thing you should always keep in mind is the quality of the product. Because all it takes just the one wrong product, and you may lose your good client. So always be careful, check whether the material used in the parts is of better quality. Initially, I was not catering to Electric or Battery Rickshaw Clientele. I was not very sure if I can have even an average turnaround from this vertical. However, when I saw that this market is picking up, I started looking for genuine E Rickshaw spare parts traders or manufacturers.

How I found best E Rickshaw Spare Parts?

Finding an authentic resource, that is too in spare parts is not an easy job. I spoke with many traders, as back then there were hardly any manufacturers who were thinking to start such a unit dedicated to E Rickshaw Spare Parts. So, people like me had to rely on the products imported from Southeast Asia. I was not happy with the quality, but to give it a start and check the response, I sourced it from outside. In the beginning, I didn’t receive a very good response, in fact, I thought, I wasted my money. But just a few months later, it started with the first order, then followed by many. 3 years ago, I got to learn that there are few manufacturers who are making three-wheeler battery rickshaw and their spare parts. I could not be happier, that now I do not have to compromise on the quality, delivery time, and cost. Once again, I did my research, went to few factories, then I checked with Nanya Group, who is proclaimed as the No.1 trader of E Rickshaw Spare Parts (link attached for your reference) being an automobile engineer quality check comes in handy. When I checked the quality, precision, and the designing of their parts, I was elated. These guys have done a remarkable job. None of my clients have ever faced any issues after their purchase. Now ever since, I am sourcing 100% E rickshaw spare parts from Nanya Group. If I have to step into manufacturing, I will have to do much better to give a tough competition to them. Superb Quality!