Link Building: The New Normal for Small Businesses

Link Building: The New Normal for Small Businesses

In the current times, starting and growing a small business can be challenging yet interesting. Unlike before, one must be well conversant with the technological world and all that it entails to efficiently build a lasting and thriving business in the present world.

For instance, every entrepreneur can comfortably tell you about internet marketing and the wonders that e-commerce has brought to their business. They can easily tell you how internet marketing has exposed them to a vast new world they may never have seen before.

Furthermore, they will add how internet marketing has drastically increased sales ever since they launched their businesses.

Getting Across Borders

Similarly, entrepreneurs leveraging the technological space will discuss the importance of having a website or an online platform. They will vividly describe the hard work and effort to build a reliable and effective website and online platform, from designing their website to creating it and finally creating content for their website.

However, from the conversation, they may talk about the vigorous behind the scene processes that range from link building for SEO to make their website gain more traction and several link-building strategies that they had to adapt to achieve that goal.

A New Dawn

Link building is best described as the process of developing a search engine optimization technique that will increase your company’s page ranking on a search engine platform such as Google. It is gradually becoming popular as it acts as a great digital marketing strategy for most small business owners.

However, link building for most small businesses is quite challenging because they don’t necessarily have all the resources that a huge firm has at its disposal, such as having a dedicated and set SEO team in-house.

Link Building - What’s the Fuss

Therefore, as a small business, you need to employ a great link-building strategy that will improve the search engine optimization for your website. And to do so as a small business, you must employ great tactics that will do the trick.

1. Sponsoring Charitable Events

For starters, as a small business, you can sponsor several charitable events, organizations, or non-profits in your community. Doing so earns you several backlinks to your website since most charitable organization websites tend to have several backlinks to their sponsors’ websites.

However, there is a catch with this tactic since you will need to part with a considerable amount, but it will be worth it since it will enable you to sponsor something in your locality and that your clients truly care about.

2. Connecting with Bloggers

Connecting with the local bloggers in your community can come in very handy during link building. That might mean following their social media pages and subscribing to their blogs. And once in a while, this may translate into mentions or, even better yet, may earn you several backlinks for your website.

3. Offering Scholarships

Another great link-building strategy that is also useful for backlink building is running a scholarship. This technique is quite simple as it involves offering a scholarship to needy students in high schools or colleges and building a campaign around the entire process.

The campaign can involve having the students write an essay about the future or issues facing your industry; alternatively, it can involve approaching financial aid offices at these institutions and having them share the scholarship opportunity with their students.

And this tactic is a gift that keeps on giving since once you announce the winner, you can always still run a press release around the campaign, which can generate a ton of backlinks for your website.

4. Offering Testimonials

Another great link-building strategy, also great for backlink building, is offering testimonials to some of the vendors for your small business. Alternatively, you can also offer to be part of a case study that they may be conducting.

This tactic is great since it will give you a chance to appreciate your service providers while also earning your business several backlinks. It is common for most of them to include the links t brands mentioned in the case study or testimonials.

5. Promoting Your Content

While you may already have a website for your small business that you may constantly create content for, you still have to promote your website constantly. That might mean constantly sharing your blog links on several social media pages or promoting your blogs on massive sites such as LinkedIn and Medium.

Eventually, if done well, you may build an authoritative brand on these sites, and people may start following you to get answers to their questions. And this may end up translating into traffic for your business.

Building an Empire

With these great tactics starting and growing your small business in the technological space should be much easier. Especially now that you have reliable and effective link-building strategies to apply to make your business website rank top in any search engine.