Uber for courier | On-demand courier app development

Uber for courier | On-demand courier app development

Uber for couriers app is an on-demand app that helps entrepreneurs to start their courier delivery business instantly.

After the success of Uber, a whole lot of companies made their way in creating their own on-demand business.

This phenomenon is famously called as 'Uberization'. One of the best Uber for x solutions is Uber for courier.

What is Uber for courier app?

The Uber for couriers app allows users to book a delivery person to deliver the courier to the destined location.

Features of Uber for courier app?

Some key features of Uber for courier app include,

1. Live tracking

2. Fare estimation

3. Multi-payment option

4. Push notifications

5. Dynamic routing

So how to build an courier app like Uber?

To build an on-demand courier app from scratch, you've to spend a lot of time and money.

Alternatively, you can customize the readymade script like Wooberly to get started.