On-demand Mobile App Economy Statistics in 2021

On-demand Mobile App Economy Statistics in 2021

Read on to know more about 25 on-demand economy statistics in 2021 and how to build an on-demand app for your business.

The on-demand business continues growing at a rapid pace and is expected to do the same in the future.

People love using on-demand services, and many small business owners have adapted themselves to this shift in the economy.

Accessibility, affordability, ease of use, and instant service delivery are some of the crucial factors driving the on-demand economy.

Some On-demand Mobile App Economy in 2021:

1. 82% of Americans use on-demand video streaming app in their day to day use.

2. Uber's market share in the US is 69%

3. Around 45% of on-demand grocery shoppers are millennials.

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