5 steps to build a car parking app

5 steps to build a car parking app

The car parking app acts as a bridge between the parking lot owners and the users. It allows users to book a parking slot anywhere, anytime.

How does the parking space booking app work?

The car parking app works in a way that the slot owners list their parking space on the app and the users who need to book a space will scroll through the listings and book the space that they want.

Some astonishing features of the car parking app

Car parking app has three categories of users, the parking space owner, the driver, and the platform owner/admin.

In-car parking app, each user has a separate set of features. Let us see some of the best features of them in this blog.

Features of the driver/user app

1.Search filters



4.In-app messaging, etc,

Features of the space owner app

1.Surge pricing

2.iCal integration


4.Multilingual, etc,

Features of the Admin app

1.Reservations Management

2.Users Management

3.Service fee allocation

4.Payouts management, etc,

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