What Is An IVR and Why Business Needs Smart IVR System

What Is An IVR and Why Business Needs Smart IVR System

Brands need to understand that an IVR system is supposed to help customers and not spoil their experience.

The customer experience that a business delivers is a powerful value proposition, especially when it comes to standing apart in the competitive landscape. It comes as no surprise that almost every organization nowadays is investing in digital customer experience to support customers across diverse channels.

And as good experience can help businesses make headway, a lousy customer experience tends to stay with the business for long and leaves a negative impression of the brand in the minds of customers. Brands need to understand that an IVR system is supposed to help customers and not spoil their experience.

An IVR might be the first touchpoint in a brand’s customer service cycle, and if not managed in the right way then it will simply push away the audience as today’s customers want instant gratification and will not take delay for granted. So, now the obligation lies on the businesses to take charge and ensure they facilitate a better experience for their customers. Before coming to how business can enhance the customer experience with the Smart IVR system, let’s first start from basic:

What Is An IVR?

Interactive voice response system (IVR) works as an automated system for answering inbound calls, routing them to the appropriate line within the organization, or retrieving information from a database. This automated system allows interaction between humans and computers via telephone. IVR service can read touch-tones & voice input using DTMF (Dual Tone Multi-Frequency), and provides relevant information. It is capable of handling a large volume of inbound calls. It can be used for phone surveys & polls, office call routing, check bank account balance & transactions, checking movie or venue schedule, etc.

Why is an investment in an IVR system a must for today’s businesses?

Modern, Smart IVR solutions along with the above also enable input and responses to be gathered via spoken words with voice recognition. They use Speech to Text(STT) and Text to Speech(TTS) technologies to interact with customers and keep a tab on the number of Agents. Organizations nowadays are increasingly looking for an IVR service provider which helps them in managing their Inbound and Outbound calls in order to reduce the cost of common sales, service, inquiry, and support calls to and from their company. Let’s see some of the other benefits of attaining an IVR service provider that provides a smart IVR system:

24*7 Seamless customer support

An IVR system enables businesses to render seamless customer support without depending on live agents and representatives. In fact, businesses can empower their customers to access requisite information and even perform routine tasks with self-service options. This is quite a smart approach in the current era when instant gratification matters the most for driving customer loyalty and retention.

Personalized service

An IVR system boosts customer experience by facilitating personalized service. By integrating the system with the existing customer relationship management (CRM) system, it becomes possible to get updated information about the target audience while handling incoming calls which helps to tailor the interactions with a personalized approach.

Elimination of human error

Organizations, mostly small and medium-sized, employ limited customer service representatives who may not be capable of handling hundreds of calls every day. An IVR system automates the entire process and makes it less prone to human error. Furthermore, the smart IVR system enables the segmentation and filtering of calls to ensure that each of it ends up in the right department and the hands of the right representative.

Cost reduction

IVR solutions serve as a smart investment for businesses, especially small and medium-sized because it helps to cut down operational costs significantly. Automation of call handling means that businesses can manage with a smaller customer service team. Additionally, the resources on board will have plenty of free time to focus on more crucial tasks, like resolving issues that really matter. As IVR number routes call to the concerned representative, it optimizes the cost of delivering effective services to the customers while ensuring satisfaction as well.

Improved reputation

Any business that goes the extra mile to provide excellent customer services definitely secure a win in terms of reputation and credibility. This is precisely what the implementation of an IVR system can do for the enterprise. It actually creates an illusion that the business is a large one. In addition to that, it shows good intentions for providing a personalized response to the calls of the customers.

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