Outdated Sales Databases Are Bad for Your Business

Outdated Sales Databases Are Bad for Your Business

The Canadian economy is constantly changing. Businesses relocate, merge, and go out of business. Employees get promoted, transferred, or terminated. Even companies that maintain a constant presence can change their phone numbers, email addresses, or website locations. Companies that are not operating with current marketing databases are at a severe disadvantage. Scott’s Info can resolve this problem with its expertly-maintained databases.

The Cost of Outdated Information

The adage “time is money” is especially true when obsolete data leads to wasted time for businesses. Salespeople who reach out to deactivated email addresses or disconnected phone numbers not only lose the time of the failed contact; they lose additional time tracking down the correct contact information. When salespeople reach out to an incorrect person or department, they run the risk of alienating a potential customer or receiving bad press. And companies that deal with sensitive data can face severe legal issues when they unknowingly send the sensitive data to a wrong number or a reassigned email address.

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