You Can Slouch…but not all day. Good Posture and your Pelvic Floor

You Can Slouch…but not all day. Good Posture and your Pelvic Floor

How often have we heard those words? Don’t Slouch! Who knew it was great advice for a healthy happy pelvic floor?

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Kim Vopni – The Vagina Coach, provides proactive and restorative pelvic floor fitness programs for women in pregnancy, motherhood and menopause.

Your posture can influence the function of your pelvic floor. As more and more of us are gravitating towards sitting in our day to day jobs, it is important to know that sitting in a more neutral pelvis position can make a difference to your pelvic floor muscles and your overall core. More importantly, for any soon-to-be and new moms, your posture can change significantly in pregnancy.

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Slouching is ok from time to time but unfortunately many of us spend hours upon hours a day in a slouched position that can negatively influence the pelvic floor muscles, the glutes, the spine and our neck. Many people try to achieve ‘good posture’ by adapting a military type position where the shoulders roll back and the ribs thrust forward and up. A more vertical position is best with the ribs over the pelvis, the legs vertical and the pelvis in neutral with the front of the two hip bones in the same plane as the pubic joint.

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I advise people to adopt better posture through their pelvis. In sitting, ‘nod’ the pubic joint forward so you are on the forward aspect of the sitz bones with your vulva on the surface of the chair.

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The pelvic floor is responsible for continence, pelvic organ support, sexual response and lumbo-pelvic control. When the pelvis is tucked underneath us from sitting in a slouched position all day it can shorten and tighten the muscles and interfere with their ability to perform their jobs. Without proper function and activity in our pelvic floor, there is an increased risk for urinary incontinence, organ prolapse, constipation, and lower back pain.

I’m not saying you can never slouch. It’s important to slouch from time to time. Our bodies like varied movement. Holding one position for extended periods of time is not ideal – not even sitting in neutral pelvis. If you sit, try and vary the position you sit in, try adding a stand-up desk option so you can alternate between standing and sitting. Take a movement break at least once an hour.

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