Why should I take a Prenatal Class?

Why should I take a Prenatal Class?

Prenatal classes not only help you focus on your pregnancy and upcoming labour and birth, they are a great place to meet other parents-to-be.

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Debbie Fazio - Precious Moments Babeez Sleep Consultant

Precious Moments Babeez is a team of PNSWs, Labour and Postpartum Doulas, Registered Nurses, Night Nannies and Sleep Consultant(s) offering a diverse range of classes and services to support your journey from pregnancy, through childbirth and into parenting.

A few things you will learn by taking a prenatal class:

• information about the process of labour and childbirth

• what-to-expect details of medical procedures and interventions

• possible physical preparations for labour and childbirth

• advice on relaxation techniques

• different birth positions

• pain relief choices

• breathing techniques

• time to ask questions and rehearse the possible decisions you may have to make during your labour

Whatever the class, the idea is that both you and your partner will acquire the skills and confidence needed to make birth a positive experience.

Precious Moments Babeez, Prenatal Classes

Prenatal Classes

Precious Moments offers a few choices for Prenatal Classes

Private In-Home Belleez & Babeez Prenatal Bootcamp

One of our elite team members work with you in the comfort of your own home for this intensive 2-3-hour prenatal bootcamp. The program will go over everything from pregnancy to labor and delivery as well as tips on newborn care!

Classes are ANYTIME

Belleez & Babeez Prenatal Group Class

Join in one of our prescheduled weekend prenatal group classes along with other expecting families and learn everything from pregnancy to labor and delivery as well as tips on newborn care!

• April 13/14 - Women's College Hospital

• May 11/12 - Women's College Hospital

• June 8/9 - Women's College Hospital

• July 13/14 - Women's College Hospital

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Prenatal Classes

Here are what a client who has taken the class said:

"We really learned a lot from the course. We went into it thinking that we weren’t going to focus too much on labour because we figured there wasn’t much we could do about it anyhow. We came away from the course feeling much more empowered about the options that we have and ways to manage the different situations that will and may arise. It was also so important to take this course as a couple – we had both done lots of reading and had many discussions but until it comes from a third party, sometimes it doesn’t hit home. Also, I really liked how you focused on HOW your partner can support you during labour. Getting into those details (i.e., don’t bring a book) and practical examples (i.e., don’t ask if she wants water, just bring it to her) really helped for us both to think about what kind of support I may need and how Attila can best offer it."

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