What is a PNSW and what makes them different?

What is a PNSW and what makes them different?

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Why work with a Perinatal Support Worker?

A Perinatal Support Worker (PNSW) is a professional educator and caregiver for new and expecting parents during the period from conception through the first year of a newborn's life.

What makes a PNSW different from traditional service providers?

A PNSW is a graduate from an academic program who has been educated and trained to facilitate the educational, emotional and physical support requirements of their clients beginning in pregnancy, through the birth and extending into the 1st year of infancy. A traditional service provider does not require any education or training.

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Why would I choose a PNSW with Precious Moments Babeez

All the PNSW’s on the Precious Moments team are qualified, experienced and highly sought-after individuals. They educate, empower and support women and their families creating personalized support for mother, baby and family. Precious Moments Babeez is an elite agency who ensures their team offers the best care for their clients with an incredible administration team to help make the process simple and stress free.

What are the main duties and responsibilities of a personal support worker?

A PNSW can help with so many areas of care and support. From offering education and hands on help during pregnancy, labor and when baby arrives. Often parents struggle as they navigate the new world of pregnancy and parenting and our team is here to help offer a non-judgemental support system that every new parent should have access to. From learning how to care for baby to having some rest while you and your baby are cared for, our PNSW are the village that has been lost over the years!


To meet our PNSW’s visit our WEBSITE and meet these amazing women who are empowering woman and families on their journey through motherhood.

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