Tips for Promoting your business at an Expo Trade Show

Tips for Promoting your business at an Expo Trade Show

There are many ways you can promote your business. When you want to reach a large amount of people at the same time, what better way than an Expo trade show.

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Jacqueline Hunter is the producer of the Bump Baby and Toddler Expo® in Hamilton, Ontario.

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If you’ve never exhibited at a trade show or are new to this type of promotion, they can be a little loud, and somewhat tiring at the end of the day, however, there’s no better way to get the word out there about your company. You can be sure to make a valuable impression by simply being personable, choosing the right people on your team to bring along, and advertising with free promotional giveaways. Still, that’s not all you can do to win over the crowd!

Tips to stand apart from the competition!

Be in FRONT of your table

Sitting with your arms crossed in front of you or head down looking at your phone, isn’t going to do much to make people feel welcomed. In fact, it takes only 7 seconds for someone to make a judgement about a person when first meeting them. You’re representing your brand, and if people think you’re unapproachable, how will they feel about your business. Body language, tone of voice, and your overall enthusiasm are going to be what make or break every visitor’s experience.

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Engage with your audience

Bring your Team to assist

During a trade show, it’s difficult to imagine how busy you might be. Maybe someone wants to get as many details as possible, and while your talking other people are walking right by your booth. Make sure you have enough people helping to keep up with the demand. Recruit those on your team who have big personalities and really understand your brand.

Build a Crowd

The old saying holds true: birds of a feather flock together. When a bunch of people surround your booth with positive energy, more will naturally follow to see what all the buzz is about. The only way you’re going to earn that kind of attention is by having something fun to show. Whether you’re hosting a game or providing entertainment with a live singer, it’s important to build a crowd around your brand. Give them something they can take home. Bring along trendy promotional giveaways that make an impression like iridescent water bottles or practical canvas bags so people remember you amongst all the other vendors.

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Fun games

Make your visitors feel Welcome

Attendees have likely been on their feet all day and are sure to be exhausted by the time they find your booth. Make a space for them to sit. They’re not going to want to listen if you sound too salesy, but if you play a funny game or video you’ll keep their attention. You can make it even more exciting by giving them a snack, just be sure to check the rules/regulations of whoever is hosting the trade show.

Network and Connect

Make the time to meet the other vendors. These are colleagues who all work in the same industry. They might know a few tricks of the trade that you could have missed. Take the time to shake hands, introduce yourself, and build up those connections. Sales happen far beyond the show. Building trusted relationships can lead to doing business together in the future and that makes every day at the event well worth the effort you put in to exhibiting.

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Network at Trade Shows

We would love to promote YOUR business at our November Bump Baby Toddler Expo®