Winter is a time for reflection and to go within.

The darker days allow for introspection and the opportunity to contemplate that which we want to manifest in the spring. In these cold days we begin choosing which seeds we want to sow; metaphorically deciding what intentions we need to set for personal growth.

This season correlates to the first trimester of pregnancy with the subtle feelings of underlying growth within our womb. Just as mother earth gathers energy beneath the surface, a mother must also draw energy inward while directing all her vitality towards her developing seed. This beautiful creation begins with physical changes to the mother’s body causing the need to adjust accordingly while fueling the system with proper energy.

The physical changes that are most prominent in the beginning are not always outwardly visible. The first early signs of pregnancy starts with the implantation of the embryo into the uterine wall within the first 2 weeks after conception; slight pre menstruation like cramping with or without blood spotting. It is necessary at this time for the mother to not perform any strenuous activities and no heavy lifting. Some women experience butterfly feelings within their lower abdomen as early as 6 weeks; generally the flutter feelings or quickening is likely experienced closer to 12 weeks. The slight movements have been described as gas or bubbles and may not be recognized as pregnancy symptoms. Due to the increased hormones or possible dehydration, nausea (morning sickness, which actually can occur anytime of the day) may be a sure sign of pregnancy. The unpredictability of winter weather compares to the variability of the mother’s stability emotionally and physically due to the influx of hormones and ever changing physical state. During the winter the earth experiences a deep winter freeze in order to allow for new growth and replenish itself similar to the mothers first weeks of pregnancy to take time to give the growing fetus the necessities to grow. The mother is in a constant state of replenishing herself on all levels in order to have sufficient enough reserves for production. All of the efforts that are made by the mother are to ensure proper growth of the fetus just as mother’s earths’ efforts are to ensure growth in the spring.

The layers of snow serve the purpose of protecting the earth to allow a deep rest and replenish during a time of dormancy. The need for the mother to protect, stay warm and quiet to ponder how to proceed for optimal growth and development of the fetus is prominent during this trimester. During the first three months of pregnancy a lot of time is spent contemplating the growth of the fetus. It is crucial at this time for the mother to remain in a centered mental/emotional state to ensure positive thoughts regarding the development. This time spent alone for the mother to meditate and replenish any nutrients her body needs will also maximize her brain power, which is crucial as the mother is now responsible for not just her own brain but baby’s growth as well.

The mother becomes conscious of what she is ingesting and how that will impact the healthy progression of the fetus both physically and cognitively. The pregnant mother will experience profound physical and emotional changes which occur in order house the precious cargo thus requiring a lot of inner strength and nutritional reserves; just like under the winter snow deep within mother earth the ground is gathering nutrients for full growth in the spring. A calm heaviness gently takes over the mother’s body. Mothers need to ensure adequate nutrient intake during pregnancy otherwise the body will naturally leach the nutrients from the mother to supply the growing fetus with the necessities for proper growth. The importance of sleep at this time becomes extremely pronounced requiring adequate rest and relaxation as well as proper REM sleep; mother may find the desire to hibernate during the first trimester. Being body aware allows one to recognize your body’s needs and respond accordingly, if lifestyle permits sleep when tired and eat small frequent meals with lots of water between meals. The circumstances of winter will determine the productivity of the earth during the coming months.

During the first trimester the baby will start to sprout appendages-hands, legs, arms, feet, fingers, and toes, internal organs also start formation with this comes the first heart beat at around 8 weeks. All of this development occurring without a lot of visible verification just as the deep underground stirrings of creation during the winter. One must have faith and trust in the process that creation is occurring as is expected, as humans we know that after winter comes the blossoming of spring and all the efforts of the winter months were successful.

Expecting parents tend to visualize what they perceive their child to be like, focusing on altruistic characteristics as well as physical features and future aspirations. A lot of introspective thoughts go into how to develop, encourage and guide the fetus for years to come. The more the mother can remain in a homeostatic state the smoother the process will be. Although the weather in winter can be unpredictable there is always a subdued energy of stillness trying to keep everything in balance.

As observed with the occurrences of winter being necessary in order for the beauty of spring to be expressed the trials and tribulations of the first month of pregnancy are proven to be necessary for the optimal growth of the baby.

By Jessica Jhaj -