I'm Pregnant - Now What!

I'm Pregnant - Now What!

Bringing a new life into this world is a precious moment especially when you are ready.

Precious Moments Babeez is a team of PNSWs, Labour and Postpartum Doulas, Registered Nurses, Night Nannies and Sleep Consultants.

So many moms and parents find themselves unprepared when having a baby.. They may not have support or are unsure of where to turn for help.

Debbie Fazio, President of, Precious Moments Babeez, felt exactly that way when she became a mom. Debbie’s daughter is now 19 and her twin daughters are 17, but when they were baby’s, life was chaotic. There were babies to be fed, burped, changed and put to sleep and the daily chores still had to be fit in. Most days things piled up which only added to the stress.

Now that her children are older, Debbie is on a mission, devoted to helping new parents enjoy the precious time they have with their babies. After all, we all know how quickly they grow!!

Bump 2 Baby Ontario, Debbie Fazio, Precious Moments Babeez

Precious Moments

Debbie has teamed up with the most experienced and dedicated women who truly believe that parenthood needs to be savored not survived!

Her message is:

There is help and support and education available when a new mom is ready for it.

Sometimes new and expecting parents think they can’t afford services like these but when they are educated and understand the value of the support and services available to help, before they have a problem; life runs better, and the chaos reduces so parents can enjoy those precious moments on this very important journey through pregnancy, birth and child raising years.

Precious Moments Babeez has a team of PNSWs, Doulas, Nurses, and Sleep Consultants, creating a support system that have helped and will continue to help families across the country enjoy their precious babies!

The team caters to both pregnant families and families with babies. They not only offer Prenatal and Babeez Ed classes as well as labor and pregnancy support and sleep consulting, but they also offer daytime and overnight care in the home.

Debbie Fazio, Founder and CEO of Precious Moments Babeez, is a Baby Parenting Coach. She is a Newborn Care Specialist, Happiest Baby instructor and the ONLY Board-Certified Sleep Consultant in Canada.

Bump 2 Baby Ontario, Debbie Fazio. Precious Moments Babeez

Sleeping Baby

Debbie's combined experience, training and certifications have enabled her to support families in many baby related issues around the world. She is also the Co Founder and Faculty for the Perinatal Support Worker (PNSW) program in Canada

She is committed to empowering parents with the tools to help them transition into parenthood with confidence and love, so they can enjoy the precious moments with their baby.

Bump 2 Baby Ontario, Debbie Fazio, Precious Moments Babeez

Debbie Fazio

For a list of the services, please visit Precious Moments Babeez website.

We service:

GTA. York Region, Peel, Halton, Hamilton & surrounding area, Niagara Region, Dufferin-Kitchener Waterloo, Barrie & surrounding area.

For other areas, please email info@preciousmomentsbabeez.com

Here is a 22 minute Interview with Debbie discussing - Had a baby! Now What!

Precious Moments Babeez

What clients are saying about the services Precious Moments Babeez offers:

"The sleep training program was a smashing success for our little one (LO) and has improved life for Mom, Dad, and for our LO. For us, the biggest benefit has been the ability to plan our days – especially for me (Dad) given that I work at home and watch LO. Before this program, I could not do any work during days I was watching LO. He never slept more than 30 minutes at a time and it felt like I was always struggling to keep up with his needs. Now, I know when LO will nap, and his naps are usually around two hours long. That gives me solid chunks of time to get work done! It also helps me know when I will be playing with him, when to prepare bottles, and how much to prepare in bottles. Being a parent is easier and more fun when your baby sleeps through the night and naps consistently!"

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