Family Matters - WP Creations Journey Of Struggles, Passions, And Successes

Family Matters - WP Creations Journey Of Struggles, Passions, And Successes

WP Creations is run by work-at-home moms whom strive to balance work and family while making a difference producing one-of-a-kind, beautiful lasting keepsakes.

WP Creations was started in 2001 by a mom wishing to capture her children’s unique hand and footprints. What began as a small home-based business quickly grew into one of the fastest-growing work-at-home businesses. In 2013 Jamie Berube partnered with the Founder, Debbie Cornelius, as a franchisee. Debbie retired in 2016 and Jamie is now President.

Jamie explains “There simply was not any other work-at-home opportunity I could find that offered Moms the chance to work at home with their children, so I worked to develop one.”

Jamie Berube’s Story

WP Creations is heart-centered in Jamie’s personal story of motherhood. A powerful and emotional journey with her own children and their challenges, as well as her career in the corporate world. She always wanted a career and never thought of herself as a stay-at-home mom. It would become clear in a few years how important this decision would be.

Jamie discovered the bank where she worked was considering closure. She remembered the beautiful keepsakes she had done for her son from Wee Piggies and looked up the work-at-home opportunity as a plan B.

We cannot foresee the future yet often things happen for a good reason – the bank closed, and it was sink or swim time. Plan B became the reality.

After two years of owning the franchise, her son became ill. Luckily, Jamie was now working from home. A 9-5 job would not be possible all of the doctors appointments, hospital visits, etc.

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Jamie and Family

Jamie is the mother of three beautiful children and both her sons require special care.

Her one son was diagnosed, at the age of three; with Craniosynostosis, a birth defect in which one or more of the fibrous joints between the bones of the baby's skull close prematurely, before the baby's brain is fully formed. It requires surgery, in fact; 10 surgeries to date!

With Jamie’s children needing care and attention, having this opportunity to build a business enabled her to be with her children and still work at a career at home. The business has evolved into what WP Creations is today.

WP Creations is about offering memories through keepsakes for all family members from babies to grandparents. Life is precious, and every moment counts when you are with loved ones.

Throughout Jamie’s personal struggles, she has met so many other families that share their stories and gratitude.

To be able to offer a keepsake of a special moment or memory is what passionately drives Jamie to grow her business. She also loves helping her franchisees become entrepreneurs as they help other families secure those precious moments every day.


They are a truly unique keepsakes that I hold dear to my heart. The early years with our children are so precious and what better way to capture it than seeing a three-dimensional representation of their feet and hands!! My experience with WP Creations was absolutely fantastic. She paid attention to every last detail and was willing to help in any way possible. Her professional, courteous and caring demeanor is truly one of a kind. Thank you for the memories!” Grace
WP Creations, work-at-home business,

Creating Memories

Products WP Creations offers:

• Life Casting and Raised Impressions of baby and children’s hand and footprints

• E-Gift Cards

• Personalized Jewelry

• Photo Crystals

• Inkless Hand and Foot Prints

• Canvas Prints

Please visit and shop at WP Creations to choose that special memory for your family.

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