December at WP Creations is about giving a little something special

December at WP Creations is about giving a little something special

Gift giving is made extra special this year with our free gift with a purchase of an online WP Creations gift card offer.

My kids aren't home during the day anymore as they are all old enough to be in school. I work from home, so when there are down moments or moments when I'm not overloaded, I take that moment to be still in my house. Sometimes the silence is deafening. I enjoy these moments as much as I can because I know in a few short hours, as soon as they walk in the front door, there will be no more silence.

But what happens when the day comes when there will be no more bursts through the door and the silence seems endless? What happens when the kids don’t live at home anymore, or spend more time with friends, or busy navigating their independence?

I will miss the noise. I will miss their kisses and their hugs, their messes and their laughter, I will miss their wanting to hold my hand or rub their backs at bedtime. I will miss tucking them in and watching them do 17 cartwheels in a row. I will miss them.

People tell new parents, “enjoy it while you can, they grow fast” and logically we know that, we just don't understand it fully until we experience it.

We tell people, “this is a keepsake you will cherish for years to come” and logically people get that, but never really understand it until the day they are sitting in silence.

WP Creations December Gift Giving

Nothing as sweet as baby hands and feet

WP Creations has a special December offer to help you set some of that busy time aside and capture a moment to look back on.

WP Creations, December gift giving

Raised Impressions make adorable gifts

Our December Gift-Giving Online Offer

Purchase a WP Creations minimum $100 e-gift card (no expiry) from Dec 1st – 25th, 2019 and receive a $25 gift voucher (expires Feb 29th, 2020) to be used in studio or online.

Gift voucher to be redeemed at same time as e-gift card redemption.

Let us help you complete that holiday shopping!

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