6 Types of Product Designer Tools You Can Use

6 Types of Product Designer Tools You Can Use

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Those days are gone when the customer used to buy whatever was available. Nowadays everyone wants to do things in their way.

Big companies are welcoming the participation of the customers in customizing their products. This has opened the door for product personalization. Also, to beat the competition, you need to offer some next-level value to your customers. Here product customization can be the next level you want.

A lot of big companies are using an online product design tool to offer customization features to customers on products like t-shirts, masks, mugs, etc. But if you want to offer individual products for customization, then here are the designer tools for such products.

T-shirt Designer Tool

The global t-shirt printing market size was valued at USD 3.64 billion in 2020. It is expected to have a CAGR of 9.7% from 2021 to 2028. Taking advantage of such a huge demand, you can offer customized t-shirts by using the t-shirt designer tool.

Product customization is one of the hottest trends in the e-commerce space. Online stores that offer freedom to their customers perform better and gain more results.

Mug Designer Tool

Personalization is an essential aspect of winning over your competitors in the printing industry. Mugs are one of the best examples of personalization. Imagine you gifted someone a personalized mug with their image on it. Won’t they feel special?

Another best way to use personalized mugs is for promotional purposes. According to a study, 66% of people remember the business name of a promotional product they received in the past year.

By using the mug product designer tool, you can carve the customized mugs. Whether you want to gift it or use it for promotional purposes, it will be beneficial.

Photobook Designer Tool

Gone are those days, when customers used to keep their memories in the album. In this digital age, they have smartphones in their hands through which they can capture the beautiful moments of their life.

By offering a Photo album solution, you can give the best experience to your customers. This shows that you will not let their memories fade away on the digital screens.

By using the photobook designer tool, you can give the physical form to the memories the way you want. From easy editing to formatting and simple yet attractive layouts, it can give you the best experience to your customers.

Photo Calendar Designer Tool

Calendars dictate the everyday part of our life. As a being of habits, we stick to schedules to make the workflow more organized. Even certain dates mean a lot to us, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and national holidays. Calendars are installed in our systems, yet they are unnoticeable.

To make calendars interesting, you can apply personalization to them by using the calendar design tool. You can make them more than just a thing that shows you the date. For example, you can have the image of your celebrity crush, motivational quotes, etc. You can have the image of your family, friends, and relatives on their birthday month.

Photo calendar has the potential to keep you on track all the way long. Personalized calendars are also a perfect gift because they are more sentimental than a shop-bought gift.

Button Designer Tool

If you want to promote your business, custom buttons are also an excellent option for you. Apart from using it for promotional means, you can even sell it as there is a high demand for such buttons.

In order to sell customized buttons, a button design tool is your way to go. By integrating the button design tool, you can let your customers create robust pin buttons. They can even add different types of text messages, photos, and artwork without any hassle.

Your customers can order different types of buttons they want and can receive the order at the doorsteps.

Face Mask Designer Tool

Masks are very important as they protect from the transmission of contagious diseases. The demand for masks surged after the corona pandemic. As per this report, the face mask industry will have a CAGR of 59.5% throughout 2020-2030.

Even bigger brands like Nike and Adidas have started selling masks. You can even sell customizable masks as they are one of the hottest trends in demand. By integrating the face mask designer tool, you can let your customers design the customized masks the way they want.

It will improve your user engagement and let you stand out from the competitors as you are offering something unique.


To face the competition in the product design market, many tools are available in the market. All you need to understand are your needs. If you want to offer customization to multiple products, then an online product designer tool is your way to go. Else you can opt for the design tool based on the individual product.

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