A Guide To Selling Antique Jewelry

A Guide To Selling Antique Jewelry

Selling antique jewelry is a custom that is very popular among jewelry collectors and jewelry stores that are interested in these kinds of jewelry.

The rule of thumb while selling any kind of jewelry is to ensure; that you ascertain the right price for it. Thus, it is important to be fully educated about the piece of jewelry you are trying to sell; before actually selling it.

Below are the two of the most important factors to consider when selling antique jewelry and ways to appreciate its value at a given time:

Setting The Price

Inspect The Aesthetics Closely:

If you are trying to sell a piece of jewelry in exchange for a jewelry loan- the very first thing to consider is its appeal. The aesthetics of jewelry and why a person would or wouldn’t want to buy it play a key role in determining its value.

Whether it is in style or not, and how a person other than you will like it. If you are not sure about the status of your piece or if it will yield a good price or not; sell it for individual metals or gemstones.

The Condition of The Jewelry At The Time Of Selling:

It is important that you analyze the condition of your jewelry before selling it. Frequent wear and tear can easily damage your jewelry and more or less when it is antique. If the jewelry is well preserved, it will help generate a better monetary value at the time of selling.

In case, a piece of jewelry is severely tarnished you can opt for restoration. However, restoration can further truncate the value of your jewelry, and any serious collector would not appreciate major restoration at the time of buying.

Good Cleaning Is The Way To Go:

Unless instructed otherwise cleaning antique pieces is a great way to preserve their antiquity. A mild soap rub or seldomly cleaning them with solvents can help preserve their finesse for longer or until you sell them.

Choosing The Place To Sell Them

Selling It To A Jewelry Store:

Antique pieces are easy to sell at a jewelry store. With their dedicated resource, they can easily ascertain the price of a piece of jewelry. Hence, offering you the most suitable price when you need a loan for jewelry. Jewelry stores will offer you around 40% of the original price, all the more when your jewelry is associated with a high-end brand like Tiffany’s.

Sell It For Parts Rather Than Selling The Entire Piece:

If you are unable to sell the entire wearable jewelry, consider selling in in scrape parts. Trade your gold or gemstones individually if your jewelry is in too bad of a condition. You can also try selling it to a coin shop to secure a decent amount. Broken jewelry can get you a few hundred bucks but not more than that.

Sell It To A Pawnshop:

Pawnshops are one of the most considerable places if you want to sell your antique jewelry. Once they evaluate your jewelry, they will be ready to offer you a fraction of the amount of the original price.

Selling your jewelry is no more a task since so many jewelry stores and pawnshops have emerged. You can sell your desired jewelry at your desired price if your jewelry is in mint condition, and if not the jewelers will certainly offer you a great price in exchange for your jewelry.

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