6 Steps To Value Your Rolex Watch

6 Steps To Value Your Rolex Watch

It is a difficult and worthwhile endeavor to sell Rolex watches that are pre-owned as there is less credibility of buyers, who are online dealers or individuals who don’t feel the seller is trustworthy while buying such an expensive entity.

Though selling preowned Rolex watches can be a benefit for you, most pre-owned items diminish in value with time. Rolex watches on the other hand maintain their value, as they are one-of-a-kind luxury goods.

To sell your pre-owned Rolex watch you need to know how to value it so that you get a reasonable amount for the same. There is a huge array of factors to consider when evaluating a Rolex watch. From the authenticity and model number to the condition and current market value, each factor has the potential to significantly alter the overall value of your watch.

Here are six steps to help you identify and evaluate the value of your luxurious watch;

Authenticate the brand

Rolex watches represent eloquence, sophistication, and intricacy- its history is embedded in every single model and design. It is a reflection of over 100 years of dedicated timepiece creation, putting all Rolex watches at a higher resale value than other brands. Thus, to sell Rolex Daytona watch should, without question be considered in your valuation.

Check your model and serial number

Since Rolex has produced innumerable watch models over the years, each with a wide range of price values, knowing the model and serial number becomes a crucial factor while selling your watch. You can reverse your watch dial and see the serial number to exact the price of your watch according to its uniqueness and value.

Check the condition of your watch

It is essential to check both the internal and external aspects of your watch that make it magnificent. Potential buyers favor watches, where each of these aspects reflects the premium expectations of the brand, which is why your watch's condition plays a vital role when you plan to sell the Rolex GMT Master II.

Check the material of your watch

Finding out the materials used in each element of your watch gives you a clearer vision of what the total value of your watch should be, making it important to check the range of materials your luxurious watch is composed of. Every Rolex watche is composed of a case, bracelet, bezel, and dial. The case and bracelets are usually made from materials like oyster steel, and the bezel can be made either from Cerachrom ceramic, steel, titanium, gold, or platinum. Dials can be made either from brass, meteorite, or mother-of-pearl. The more expensive or rarer the material, the higher the value.

Check if you have the original box and papers

Having the box and original papers of the watch makes it authentic for the buyer and helps you determine the value price. Many buyers agree to pay extra money for the original box and papers of the watch to the owner. The proof of authenticity gives a sense of completeness and originality to the owner, to sell Rolex Explorer.

Check the market value

It is important to know the market value of your pre-owned Rolex watch because apart from the condition, material, etc. potential buyers will consider cross-checking the market value of your watch as well. Thus, it is a good idea to research your exact watch model to find the average prices they are selling for, and for what conditions these prices are matching.

After checking all of the above-mentioned factors you can sell your luxury watches to dealers for getting authentic rates and auction prices. Broff’s Diamond & Loan Co. is one of the dealers to whom you can sell your luxury watches and get good returns with a sense of authenticity.

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