Best Back-in-Stock Emails to send in 2022 [Examples & Templates]

Best Back-in-Stock Emails to send in 2022 [Examples & Templates]

This article covers everything from why send back in stock emails to crafting a perfect email campaign.

If your products are going out of stock, that means you are doing something right with your business. So, how do you get back those customers who wanted to buy your out of stock products? By sending out back in stock email campaigns.

Email marketing for small businesses focuses a lot on welcome, thank you, and cart abandonment emails, but they miss a huge revenue stream by not sending back-in-stock emails.

Why send back in stock emails

Back in stock emails are a goldmine waiting to be tapped. They are one of the most important email marketing features that can skyrocket your sales, if utilized smartly. These email campaigns drive high email opens and get your customers to buy from you — increasing sales and revenue.

When an item is sold out once, it’s more likely that it will sell out again. This obviously means that the product is top-rated and liked by a lot of people.

You can drive sales for your restocked items by sending back in stock emails focused on social proof and the above-mentioned scarcity,

I will list down 5 of the best back-in-stock email examples I have received and show you why they work so well into turning your prospects into buyers. Let’s dig in!

1. Anthropologie

Anthropologie does a great job of using unique copywriting to get their readers’ attention. Their back in stock email sent with the email subject line, “we call this feeling Déjà Oooh,” looks like:

Best Back-in-Stock Emails to send in 2022 [Examples & Templates]

The wordplay in the subject line grabs your attention and makes you think for a second what feeling they are referring to. The email is focused on a single product — its bestselling flowery dress that’s now back in stock. The two CTAs make it easy for you to click through and buy the dress.

When you click to buy the dress, Anthropologie displays how many people are currently looking at the item to increase urgency.

They also do a great job of pairing the dress with jewelry to go along with it. This way, they assume you are going to buy the dress. This makes it possible for them to sell more products to you in one order and increase their revenue.

2. Alo

Alo does a great job of customizing emails based on the customer’s preferences. One example is shown below, where they show the exact color of the sweatshirt that was out of stock.

You can show the exact flavor (if you run a food eCommerce store), model, or color your customer picked to give your email a touch of personalization.

Also, employ the element of scarcity and urgency in the email copy so that your subscribers know that this product sold out pretty quickly and has the potential to do so again.

Best Back-in-Stock Emails to send in 2022 [Examples & Templates]

3. AYR

When it comes to back in stock emails, AYR is a brand that’s doing the best email campaigns. AYR is a big fan of using scarcity in their emails, and they send their back in stock emails often.

Check out this email Ayer recently sent with the subject line “BACK IN STOCK.”

Best Back-in-Stock Emails to send in 2022 [Examples & Templates]

AYR’s uniqueness comes from the fact that they explain why their products sell out too often. As you can see, they tell customers they make their products in small batches to minimize waste. The company establishes itself as an environmentally responsible organization and shows it stand by their values.

Let’s have a look at another example from AYR.

Best Back-in-Stock Emails to send in 2022 [Examples & Templates]

With this email, AYR tells you how fast these jeans keep on selling out each time they are back in stock. Since it has happened a few times before, it’s more than likely it will sell out again, and their CTA button makes sure of it.

With this creativity and urgency, AYR makes sure to get the demand growing and keep their audience wanting for more.

4. Public Goods

Public Goods has a very minimalistic approach to their back in stock emails. With this email I got from them, they have added a very simple snapshot of all their restocked products.

Although this isn't a personalized email, it does a great job of showing a wide variety of products. This makes sure that your audience gets an idea of all the other products that have been restocked and buy more than one product.

The email copy is also short, precise, and to the point. The company makes sure that they dont use a lot of fancy words to compel customers to buy. With their on-point messaging, customers feel inspired to shop for all their favorite products.

Best Back-in-Stock Emails to send in 2022 [Examples & Templates]

5. Tarte

Tarte does a great job of using good copywriting for their back in stock images. Let’s have a look at their subject line.

Best Back-in-Stock Emails to send in 2022 [Examples & Templates]

Emphasizing on the back in stock with all-caps, they have also added ‘for now’ in parentheses. This lets customers know the offer is only for a limited amount of time.

When you open the email, you see a GIF to show the product in all its glory instead of just using a simple image.

Best Back-in-Stock Emails to send in 2022 [Examples & Templates]

With this approach, Tarte’s audience can visualize the product — the GIF acting as a reminder of exactly what the product is and how to use it.

To highlight the urgency of buying this product, Tarte once again uses brilliant copywriting and says that the item is back in stock — but not for long.

A clever copy for the CTA button “Tape Back Time” indicates the benefit of using the product rather than asking you to shop.

What you can learn from Tarte is to remind subscribers of the capabilities and advantages of using the restocked product and support it with clever copywriting.

6. Eberjay

Eberjay employs curiosity and wonder with their back in stock emails. With this particular example, Eberjay does a great job of telling its customers about their restocked products.

Best Back-in-Stock Emails to send in 2022 [Examples & Templates]

With the subject line, “You Asked, We Listened,” Eberjay lets their customers know from the start that they are listening to their needs. It also piques their interest and curiosity and entices the audience to open the email to see what it’s all about.

With the headline “You loved it so much, we brought it back,” Eberjay reinforces the desire customers had when they wanted to buy the pajamas.

Eberjay employees scarcity with ‘selling fast and urgency with ‘dont wait for another second’ along with social proof in the CTA ‘shop the bestseller.’


Back in stock emails are a huge revenue generator for an eCommerce store. When done correctly, back in stock emails entice your customers to open their emails, engage with the brand, and buy your products.

Back in stock emails have the potential to go beyond simple transactional emails and drive clicks to your product pages to ensure sales.

With these eight examples, get inspired and start crafting your back in stock emails using free HTML templates offered by Mailmunch, to increase your sales.

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