Borg Energy Chennai | Solar Panels Facts

Borg Energy Chennai | Solar Panels Facts

According the experts of Borg Energy Chennai, solar energy system gathers the most energy from full sun, but it can still work on overcast days.

The installation of solar panels can save homeowners hundreds of dollars in monthly utility bills, boost the value of their homes and provide peace of mind about helping the environment. Thankfully, making solar energy part of your daily life has never been easier.

If you are among the millions of American homeowners considering making the logical step to solar energy, here are some facts from renewable energy experts.

Your solar energy system gathers the most energy from full sun, but it can still work at 10 to 25 percent capacity on overcast days says experts of Borg Energy India Pvt Ltd.

There are new tools to walk you through the technology and financing you would need to get started with a solar installation or conversion. One such personal solar advisor is called "Solar Concierge." This program from LG Solar takes a consultative approach, without high-pressure sales tactics, helping you determine whether solar meets your objectives and sets you up with an installer if you're interested.

Because solar panels can vary so much, you'll want to conduct research before finalizing your purchase. Check reputable buyer's guides and seek a company that has a long history of high-quality design innovation, testing and manufacturing, looking for evidence of both cutting-edge solar technologies and global sustainability. Find a brand you can trust with a 25-year warranty. When choosing products, note that some of today's high-efficiency panels generate nearly 20 percent more energy than conventional panels of the same size. With higher-efficiency panels, you may even have surplus green energy to sell back to your local utility provider.

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