Why Choose Green Orbit Intranet Platform For Small Businesses

Why Choose Green Orbit Intranet Platform For Small Businesses

Transform your business with small business intranet solutions!

Transform your business with small business intranet solutions!

Every small business requires an employee intranet platform for the right marketing strategy that could transform your business. Here’s why you need corporate intranet software open-source platforms -

They are easy to use

  • You won’t face any technical challenges, no technical experts are required for handling them.
  • It can be easily managed by the HR or communication teams.
  • It provides free accessibility to the knowledge base and support portal.
  • It won’t be deployed in months but weeks.
  • You’ll have technical support from a team of intranet consultants and professionals.

They are easy to manage

  • Lighten up the load on information technology with the top-notch availability of the unlimited storage space.
  • Alternatively for the organizations who keep everything in their house to install their own infrastructure.
  • Multi-tiered intranet permissions and security.
  • Active SAML authentication and directory.
  • Upgrades included
  • Unlimited technical support

The company intranet is required as it’s an employee engagement platform that comes with a top priority for the organizations that look forward to driving productivity and win on the war of talent. It’s also important to deliver a digital workplace experience that helps people in finding the need, collaborating, soaking up the culture, and coming back for better results. Thus, your intranet software must be the way to make your organization a better place to work.

Do you know that 20% of the onboard new starters leave the organization within 45 days. All you need to do is turn around by centralizing training, forms, and induction materials on your intranet. Now, you can get your new team members easily with the effective onboarding process. The overall experience will make your intranet the first port of the call for the newbies. All you need to do is upload all the onboarding forms, images, and documents to create a better onboarding program with the help of pages that can easily set up a compliance workflow.

With the adept professionals and the right employee intranet platform, you can get your intranet running in no time. All that is required is to get your company going with the best portal and intranet software. With Green Orbit, you’ll get step-by-step consultation guidance for faster and successful intranet implementation. We know how to deliver intranets that are successful. With our guidance and fine-tuned intranet implementations, you can work flawlessly to deliver a completely innovative and tailored solution for meeting your needs.

It’s our guarantee that you won’t find the best intranet platform experts like us anywhere else. Explore the services designed especially for you and launch your company towards success. Let’s work together to gather detailed insights into the way the organization communicates, stores, and shares information. We focus on providing a comprehensive report of all your recommendations. User testing will also become easier when the expert intranet experts are there with you to define personas, develop real-world tests, and analyze all the results. All this is done to ensure the best user experience for the employees.