Know Florida Strawberry Festival Dates & It’s Fun Elements

Know Florida Strawberry Festival Dates & It’s Fun Elements

The Popular Florida strawberry festival will shine once again. The craft will be going to organize in Plant City;

The Popular Florida strawberry festival will shine once again. The craft will be going to organize in Plant City; it's a phenomenal agriculture hub possessing endless strawberry fields. Since the 19th century, strawberries have been harvested in Plant City.

From ancient times, people find the agricultural festival a great opportunity to show off their crops. More than half a million people are excited to join the festival.

The craft reveals different styles & shapes of strawberries. Apart from strawberries, the audience adores live music, arts & crafts, local food, and much more.

What You're Going To Cherish?

➤11 Days Festival

The dates of the festival will be from March 3- March 13, 2022. The festival is coming up with a lot of entertaining elements to boost the spirit of the audience.

➤Entertainment (Wish Farms Soundstage)

The secret behind the festival's success is due to well-known entertainers in pop, rock & country music. Well, after COVID-19, the 2021 festival followed some strict guidelines. There were 100 sanitizer stations, masks were compulsory for more than five years, and no live music concerts. But hoping to have full entertainment & fun in the coming year.

➤ Cost-Free Entertainment

Besides live music concerts ( that require a fee), you can take the pleasure of cost-free entertainment. You'll find multiple stages to relish the talent of performers by not paying anything. Just have your eatables and enjoy the show.

➤Food and Drink

In the Midway, you're easy to access plentiful food. Also, catch some unusual treats that will make the festival experience memorable. However, the restriction will be on wine & beer throughout the fair.

With many strawberries variation- strawberry pizza ( surprising for newbies), strawberry shortcake, etc. There will be many stalls of vendors where you can find delicious berries too. Book the Florida strawberry festival events in advance and enjoy the unique vibes of the festival.

Parking Tips

Generally, parking is $5 on the festival grounds. Perhaps, include free tram services to the entrance gates. To avail, luxury service parking also has a private lot, nearby schools, and churches. This may cost you $10-$15.

Even on a busy day last year, one can still find parking grounds in the Gray parking lot for $5 again.

Also, Explore 2021 Food Highlights

➤Strawberry Lemon Ricotta Funnel Cake

The hangover taste that one can ever have is strawberry lemon ricotta funnel cake. It's a traditional funnel cake enhanced with lemon juice and ricotta cheese. The cake is topped with fresh sliced strawberries and a glimpse of powdered sugar.

➤Chocolate Pineberry Drizzle

It's a combination of modern and traditional taste. This luscious dish is served on a stick and leveled up with white or milk chocolate.

➤Strawberry Pickle

You'll find an immense crowd for the strawberry pickle. It's a dill pickle that has a flavor of strawberry.

➤Deep-Fried Chocolate Oreos

Limelight to the flavor is the deep-fried Oreos. The cookies are firstly put in a batter of chocolate cake and then fried. Toppings contain chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and powdered sugar.

➤Mexican Street Burger

Kids' favorite Mexican topped with pepper jack cheese, cilantro, onion, bacon, Mexican street corn, fried avocados, and spice up with chilly Sriracha mayonnaise.

The festival was a big hit this year (2021) despite some restrictions. Next year it will be a complete show with more energy & joy.