Is It the Right Time to Introduce the Intranet Platforms for Your Employees?

Is It the Right Time to Introduce the Intranet Platforms for Your Employees?

We meant having a robust and the best intranet platform for the employees that is just like having a private website.

If you are also a part of the growing community, you definitely might be finding things a lot more difficult than were once easy when everyone was working under the same roof. As employees have spread out more, splitting floors and work from home routines, getting updates and new information has become harder to coordinate. What mostly happens is that they either miss off the email lists and start to complain about the trail or documents that they never received or found.

Well, all these signs give you an obvious reason to invest in collaboration solutions. Yes, you read it right. We meant having a robust and the best intranet platform for the employees that is just like having a private website. It can be the go-to place for information, events, news, and sharing.

Let’s take a sneak peek at some convincing benefits that online collaboration tools bring to the workplace.


Usually, employees complain about receiving too many emails and messages. Or else, any important announcement gets overlooked when it is pushed down by unimportant updates. Now, this is where an intranet platform takes back complete control by sticking the headlines on the top of the page and keeping employees informed about the important updates. As a result, even the minor IT upgrades and car parking notices won’t be missed as you get the privilege to keep them on a sideline, letting your inbox free from little updates.


Does your business organization still use those emails and drive attachments to work together on different projects? If there is a yes to you, you probably have experienced the moment when one of your employees might have made any updates to a different version. Normally, it doesn’t always have to be that way. Modern collaboration software can give you a dedicated space where multiple employees can work on the same file and have their version saved as they want, without creating trouble for others. Even better, your employees will have a personal space for discussion, where they can see comments and agree on what needs to be done accordingly.


It goes without saying that collaboration tools in the form of an intranet can be a secure home for all of your trusted information. You can ensure that there is only one copy and everyone in the team can access the latest procedures, policies, and product information. Consequently, this will save time and is indispensable for compliance. Also, you will have a clear understanding that all the current application processes are being followed in the right manner.


We are all pretty familiar with the fact that consumer-grade tools are not that perfect for group discussions and sharing files. They represent a risk to your security. Imagine a simple situation where an employee leaves the company, but they still have access to all the files and confidential information related to the team. You can block the services but still be on a safer side with a properly managed solution like an intranet.


Have you ever observed how much time and effort goes down the tube with that inefficient administration? For example, a trail of emails asking HR to update team records or repeating calls and messages to find out if the request has been fulfilled or not. A LOT! Now that gives you another reason to bring the right intranet platform tool to your workplace. So, what are you waiting for? Make conveying things much easier and get them done right in the first place with an intranet.

Does your team have a collaborative space to share and be informed? How well have online collaboration tools turned out for your team? Let us know your experience in the comments; we’d love to hear from you.