How To Protect Your House In Your Absence?

How To Protect Your House In Your Absence?

Do you have another house in any other city which you hardly visit?

Do you have another house in any other city which you hardly visit? If that's the scenario, you may want to protect it from theft, damage, and other natural calamities. Then we have some of the measures you must take before leaving your property unattended.

  • Install A Safe And Secure Home Security System

Installation of a standard home security system mostly includes sensors on all the entrances, including the windows and other outdoor spaces. These sensors are directly linked to the monitoring services. This system works as a deterrent against intruders. You can access the security system through your smartphone or computer.

  • Replace The Old Door Systems Of Your House

It is worth investing in strong doors and lock systems on your property to avoid any robberies. Solid doors, be it of wood or any metal. Your doors must be strong enough that no one can easily break them down. It will increase security and improve your home's energy efficiency.

  • Purchase Home Insurance For Empty Property

Even though you have installed a security system on your property, there is no harm in purchasing home insurance for an empty property. On the contrary, it helps in safeguarding your property from any theft due to forcible entry or violent entry, natural calamity, etc. Therefore, it is best to have a proper word with your empty house insurance company before purchasing house insurance for an empty house.

  • Check The Piping System

If your property is in a cold region and you are leaving it in that weather, you must ensure that your pipes are well insulated. If the insulation is not right, it might freeze your pipes and cause significant damage to your property. Thus, before you leave your house, hire a plumber to get it checked and repair it.

  • Unplug All The Appliances

Before you leave your property, ensure that you unplug all the electronic appliances in your house. Especially the non-essential appliances like the stereo, microwave, lamps, and coffee maker. It protects your home from any power surge or electrical fire. In addition, it is an energy-efficient way to reduce the rate of electrical consumption.

  • Ask Your Friend To Maintain Your Yard

Having a friend in the city who can take time to maintain your driveways or lawns from snow. Majorly, it wouldn't capture the eyes of a robber if it is being regularly maintained.

However, it is in your hands to be mindful of your friend's and neighbors' time, and you can even offer some compensation for these chores. So make sure to return the favor and try to do the same for them when they are not around.

  • Install Some Manual Programmed Light Switches

With lights inside the house, it signals intruders that someone is at home. However, leaving lights on all the time while you are away is not that cost-effective. Thus, it is best to have programmable lights that will turn on selectively at a certain time and then turn them off. It saves your money and is highly energy efficient.