Security Token Exchange Platform

Security Token Exchange Platform

Security Token Exchange Platform gives an assurance of liquidity in exchanges

A security token exchange platform allows its users to create their own security token exchange and allows them to connect themselves to the main network. Companies generally have a dedicated team in creating an exchange which is secure with state-of-the-art security features. It is completely safe and reliable for the users to create their own exchanges. With the process, it is assured that liquidity in the exchange is maintained. The bridges in the crypto exchange market are fulfilled by various exchange platforms.

The API system connects with the external security ATS exchanges to increase the liquidity. The liquidity is based on the security token deposited in the external account. As an exchange operator, one can create an account for their business at an external exchange for liquidity that is dependent on the amount deposited.

The BAF matching system automatically pairs orders between buyers and sellers instantaneously at the market with the best market price. Different types of orders like limit order and market orders are also provided to the clients by the company.