P2P lending blockchain solution acts as a virtual marketplace

P2P lending blockchain solution acts as a virtual marketplace

P2P lending blockchain solution bridges the gap between debtors and creditors

Creditors get high returns while debtors avail loans at lower interest rates in a P2P lending blockchain.

The process to follow is both the debtor and creditor have to register themselves on the platform. Their investment profile will be approved after a series of checks. The borrower will opt to take a loan. The prospective lender will sign the agreement and disburse the loan to the borrower. Interest will have to be paid by the borrower frequently to the lender. The loan will be fully repaid after a certain period.

Detailed analytics will be available in the form of an EMI calculator, investment diversification, wealth builder, instant loan calculator, and risk tolerance calculator.

The different kinds of loans that can be availed are instant personal loans, short-term loans, marriage loans, debt consolidation loans, credit card repayment loans, and loans for small and medium businesses.

Start a P2P lending blockchain solution and become an integral part of the new financial revolution soon.