Cryptocurrency Exchange Security Standard 2020

Cryptocurrency Exchange Security Standard 2020
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Explore the security standard published for cryptocurrency exchanges.

Since cryptocurrency exchanges are responsible for the worth of millions of dollars in transactions, it is very important they must be tightened with high end transactions security as well as user security protocols. By understanding this fact, Hacken- A cyber security company have release the security standards for cryptocurrency exchange along with its cryptocurrency exchanges ranking and certification platform CER.Live

The goal of the “cryptocurrency exchange security standard” is to prevent traders from interacting with exchanges which have no much concern and investments for user security.

A cryptocurrency exchange security standard (CESS) will have the following examination process.

  • Cyber Security Score Check.
  • Penetration Assessment.
  • Proof Of Funds.
  • Bug Bounty Programs.

As we said above, to get certified, a cryptocurrency exchange should meet all the security standards and it must go through the complete security examination process based on certain criteria as below.

Let’s see each process in detail, here- The Complete Guide to Cryptocurrency Exchange Security Standards

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