Advantages & disadvantages of Billboard Advertising as marketing source

Advantages & disadvantages of Billboard Advertising as marketing source

Billboard Advertising is a form of advertising - versus public relations or publicity - because you have to pay for the message on display.

If you've taken a long road trip through a barren countryside, their sudden and imposing presence may have shaken you from a peaceful half-slumber: "Stop at Aunt Milli for the world's best blueberry pancakes" or "Turn left at the next exit" and put some of Uncle Bob's Beef Burgers in the bag. This is for good reason: traffic goes back to the airports, giving passers-by more time to read them.

They are Billboards Advertising, and as they dominate these roadside scenes, they quickly fade from the minds of many small business owners who consider other mediums to display marketing messages.

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Essentially, hoardings are large posters - a medium that people have used to advertise products and services since ancient Egyptian times. And make no mistake: Billboards Advertising is a form of advertising - versus public relations or publicity - because you have to pay for the message on display.

"A billboard advertising or bulletin is large outdoor advertising spaces that attracts and targets the surrounding area munch pedestrians and motorists, according to digital media." Today's hoardings attract attention through several formats:

• The so-called "static" billboard bears the greatest resemblance to its ancient ancestors, with vinyl printed on a wooden or aluminum base. Billboard extensions add a three-dimensional element to an otherwise flattened image, with add-on grinds or cutouts designed to increase the visibility of the billboard. Digital Billboards Advertising provides even more creative freedom. The B Media Group states, "They are essentially large computer screens, which can be programmed to display messages in a variety of innovative ways."

What are the benefits of a Billboard Advertising?

B Media Group states that "digital hoarding has brought this advertising tool into the 21st century." Whether or not you agree with this claim, there is no doubt that hoarding as a marketing tool enjoys certain distinct advantages. Some are obvious - Billboards Advertising is:

• Huge, and therefore naturally attentive (the purpose of all forms of advertising). Best at displaying simple, simple messages that most consumers can easily understand. Able to reach a large and diverse audience, as they are usually placed in the places where they are most likely to be located. In this way, hoardings provide maximum exposure to a small business owner. * Many "touches" are needed to meet a consumer's need - a marketing term that speaks to a consumer for the number of exposures a business must have before answering a call. Action. This especially applies to motorists who see the same billboard every day on their way of working. Such repetition can increase value, both in awareness raising and in action.

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Other potential benefits of billboard advertising are understandable - at least under the right circumstances. Consider the billboard:

• Some of the "captives" remaining in a happy society can catch one in the audience. Consumers can zoom through advertisements on TV, click on advertisements on the Internet, and exit the room when radio advertisements fail to engage them. But they have to keep their eyes on the road, especially if they are drivers.

• Can prevent almost immediate growth in sales. This is why the world's "Aunt Millis" and "Uncle Bobbs" - businesses located on highways with quick turns - rely on this advertising medium.

• Allow for more geographically targeted marketing than any other form of advertising. You may not know who is seeing the message, but you know where they are when they read it. And if you meet a limited service area, the billboard can fit your marketing goals to a tee.

• Distribute lower cost per assumption. Even if a large number of people see it, an expensive billboard may provide a lower cost per perception.

Digital Billboard Advertising offer many other benefits, namely the ability to:

• Feature of a moving (as opposed to stationary) image. Display different messages at different times of the day. If Aunt Millie's kitchen remains open even after breakfast, a billboard may advertise her lunchtime special. And if he is open for dinner, he can try to seduce people with his evening. Streaming content in real time from a business's website or social media platform brings a compelling resemblance to a marketing campaign.

What are the disadvantages of a Billboard Advertising?

Like that sizzling, boisterous cousin, the hoarding can convey their presence. But everyone knows that not all meditations are positive or provide a favorable response. Beyond the size and the "tune-out factor" that all advertising can distinguish from tired consumers, hoardings present some drawbacks. They:

• Static items are what consumers need to rely on their ability to remember. In this way, they differ markedly from online advertisements that consumers can republish time and again, and print advertisements that consumers can read at their leisure and come back later. * Provide people with precious little information. In fact, depending on who you recommend, it is recommended that the "billboard type" be limited to no more than 10 words. Such a pathetic message may not be sufficient for sales from consumers who crave information. On the other hand, it may be similar to a seedbed or effectors, similar to some carmakers' Billboard Advertising, which are characterized by a single adjective.

• Make a very brief offer, if not transitory, the exposure time to absorb the information. But again, depending on the message, speed may be part of it. Is usually a short-term advertising tool, unless you make a commitment to change the message on a monthly basis?

• If your business caters to a specific demographic - say, professional men between the ages of 25 and 45 - Billboard makes no guarantee that whatever your message will reach them. However, if your business serves a more expansive demographic - or you decide that the access to the hoarding is worth the cost - you may be willing to ignore this shortfall.

• Casualties of external elements may occur, as well as the messages they contain. Even a billboard that you cheapen can end up a waste of money and creative time if a long streak of heavy weather strikes your area. But rain is not the only reason for visibility problems. So are 18-wheelers and other large vehicles that can obstruct the vision of motorists at the exact moment approaching your billboard?

Is Billboard Advertising Effective?

By now, you've probably already decided whether a billboard should be part of your next marketing campaign. But it is still worth reinforcing your gut instinct with at least some feedback on how effective hoardings are as an advertising medium.

Short answer: Billboards advertising can produce results, under the right circumstances. Two reports in particular underline some of the major takeovers. For example, the Bea Media Group notes that the average American spends 48 minutes driving per day - enough time for some of them to see a billboard - and this shows:

• 58 percent learned about an interesting event - the same percentage that learned about a restaurant they later visited. 56 percent saw some humor that they shared with others. 50 percent learned about a store, which they later visited. * 44 percent were reminded to listen to a particular radio station.

Interestingly, 28 percent of these "billboard watchers" said they noted the address of a website, and 26 percent noted a phone number. These numbers strongly suggest that people were prepared to follow a billboard message despite being captured with the act of driving.

For media watchers, this search confirms everything they know about the benefits of billboard advertising - and all types of advertising: consumers need those many touches from the business before taking action is. In other words, after viewing a billboard and perhaps downing a phone number, a consumer may need to view an online advertisement from the same business before receiving and viewing a direct mail piece. But a billboard can certainly play a role in the landscape. A study by California Polytechnic State University came to this conclusion:

The study - consisting of a mix of industry experts and consumers - also found that two types of businesses recalled the highest rates: fast-food establishments and entertainment venues.

These findings may not surprise you, but remember to balance them against the cost of a billboard. Fit reports that "static" Billboard Advertising usually has a cost:

• About $ 250 a month in rural areas. $ 1,500 to $ 4,000 per month in small to medium-sized cities. Over $ 14,000 per month in metropolitan markets.

Why should I use Billboard Advertising instead of radio or TV?

The cost of a billboard ads - and the same amount that one can buy as other types of advertising - can be a hurdle you are trying to overcome. But there is another concern that many small business owners are also upset about: They fear that hoardings may be too "attractive" for their image. The more traditional advertising mediums that cater to the general public and especially radio and TV are, if you are more apt, not more conservative.

Only you (your marketing team too) should resolve this issue because you (your marketing team) will not live after that. For example, you want to ask yourself when a new customer will proudly announce that he or she is steadily growing your business as they look at your billboard. Will you be pleased or embarrassed? Or is the medium secondary to the result?

For now, make sure you can answer these questions before turning to hoarding:

• Can your ad message be read and understood in about 8 seconds? Is the message appropriate for the mass, versus target, audience? Do you want to raise the profile of your business after looking at the billboard or attract people directly to your business?

And one more thing you can always close or discontinue your billboard advertising, if it does not produce you the desired results. In all likelihood, Aunt Millie and Uncle Bob came to the same conclusion.