2022 World Cup Group Stage Prediction & Analysis – Group B

2022 World Cup Group Stage Prediction & Analysis – Group B

2022 World Cup Group Stage Prediction & Analysis – Group B

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FIFA Qatar Group B include England, the United States, Iran and Wales. In this case, it means only three teams will be competing in Group B. Why is this? If you are not familiar with football news or updates, please be sure to read it, and you will be more certain about which team to place bets to win.

England: Hold the best winning odds of advancing in Group B.

Chance of Advance: ★★★★★

In the 2022 UEFA (FIFA World Cup - European qualifiers), England aka. The Three Lions emerged far ahead of Poland national football team by holding 8 wins & 2 draws; Poland came in second in the group. The highest number of appearances by England was led by 6 appearances compare to Poland. It is not an exaggeration to say that the UK got an easy ticket into the FIFA World Club. Most players who play for England also participate in the Premier League. The question for Southgate; the Head Coach of England now is, how to put a good use of his players. Even though England readjust their players after the UEFA Champions try to improve the overall performance of the team, yet the main objective for UK is to make adjustments of the whole team before November. To be ready to take the challenge of the 2022 Qatar Golden World Cup trophy.

United States:Handful of good players, but not well organized.

Chance of Advance: ★★★★

The only team in Group B that can possibly compete with England is probably the USMNT (United States Men's National Soccer Team). Although the Current squad for the USMNT looks promising, but surprising that the US was having a hard struggle battling against Canada & Mexico for the CONCACAF Gold Cup. The US only won by a thrilling close call of 1 draw & 1 loss when playing against the Canada national team. Another story; the United States almost lost to Costa Rica. If they make it with the Top Teams in the UEFA, the result is not going to be ideal for the US, especially other teams who compete for the CONCACAF Gold Cup are not as competitive as UEFA. Yet, up to now the USMNT still holds the biggest threat to England.

Wales: The Red Dragons grabbed the Last ticket to the FIFA World Club.

Chance of Advance: ★★★★

In the last 2022 UEFA (FIFA World Cup - European qualifiers), Wales national football team defeated Ukraine, with a 1-0 home court advantage and advanced into the UEFA Second Round after 64 years. Although Wales ranked #117 in the FIFA Men's World Ranking, not only they often compete in the UEFA (European Football Championship) for two consecutive years, but they’ve also entered the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Another advantage for Wales is that most of their players participate in the Premier League. Wales should use this advantage to take the high ground against England. If playing against the USMNT (United States Men's National Soccer Team), with proper tactics and solid defense, plus Gareth Bale; the Forward for the Wales national football team, had a good performance throughout the game. They might have a good chance of defeating the United States. After that, the odds of eliminating England should be up-and-coming, but all is still unknown for now.

Iran: Off the radar for average football fan.

Chance of Advance: ★★★

After managing 18 games for the IR Iran (Iran National Football Team), Dragan Stojković aka. Piksi result with 15 wins. Quiet a result, right? But by statistic, he should have achieved a greater victory in the 2022 AFC (FIFA World Cup - Asian qualifiers) and also under the pressure of being questioned by his own players. Stojković was fired by the Iranian National Football Team after more than 2 years of coaching. Some rumor states that the current Head Coach for the Manchester United; Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has the opportunity to become the new Head Coach for Iran. IR Iran (Iran National Football Team); ranked #21 in the FIFA Men's World Ranking, has an infamous record of failing to qualify for the group stage of the World Cup. Over all Iranian players have a good physical built, but they lack of skills. Apparently, physical advantage is not the main winning factor in the World Cup.