Windows VPS hosting of AccuWeb

Windows VPS hosting of AccuWeb

This content is about the cheap Windows VPS hosting provided AccuWeb Hosting

Many hosting companies provide hosting services. Of course, there are also Windows VPS hosting services, but if you find the best cheap and affordable Windows VPS hosting, then AccuWeb’s Windows VPS plans are.

What is AccuWeb Hosting: Before getting information about their affiliate program, let me tell you about the company first.

Since its inception in 2003, AccuWeb Hosting has provided hosting solutions to its global clients. They currently have 50,000+ customers and have servers in 15+ locations.

They offer Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Wordpress Hosting, Forex VPS, and much more.

So, whether you are a blogger or owner of a complex E-commerce store, they have got hosting solutions for everything. In addition, they provide super speedy technical support and a 99.9% unbeatable uptime guarantee.

AccuWeb host provides Lightning Quick, scalable and secure plans.

With the affordable plans of the Windows VPS hosting of Accuweb, there is no need for a physical computer and none of the mechanical obstacles to leaving your application running forever.

AccuWeb can provide only the most mechanically superb and freshly minted hardware. It also gives 24/7 Quality support far from beyond the customer’s expectations.

What is Windows VPS Hosting:

Windows VPS hosting is a Windows-based virtual private server hosting used to host and manage Windows-based websites.

Most websites in the world are powered by shared hosting plans. In a shared hosting environment, multiple websites use the resources of a single server.

It’s the cheapest way to host a website, but it has a few drawbacks.

Server resources are not evenly distributed across all accounts, which means that if one website starts consuming too much power, the best of the project will suffer.

Some security concerns are associated with the setup because all accounts use the same IP.

Even if only one user starts sending spam, this increases the risk of email delivery problems.

AccuWebs Windows plans that work for Everyone:

AccuWebs Windows VPS hosting service can provide you with the three types of Windows VPS hosting plans.

Classic VPS opal $7.99 per month, Classic VPS pearl is the most popular plan of those three $18.99 per month, and classic VPS Diamond is $37.99 per month.

The classic VPS opal plan is 1GB Ram, 2vCPU, 40GB storage, 500GB bandwidth, and 1IP address.

The classic VPS pearl plan is 2GB Ram, 2vCPU, 60GB storage, 500GB bandwidth, and 1IP address.

The classic VPS Diamond plan is 4GB Ram, 4vCPU, 100GB storage, 1TB bandwidth, and 2IP address.

There are some same features of the three AccuWebs Windows VPS hosting plans:

Self-managed classic VPS

Weekly backups

Easy Upgrade

Purchase Addon


Remote Desktop Access

99.9% uptime

100% customer satisfaction

24/7 Live support

Seven days money-back guarantee

Hassle-free Cancellation

Work on any platform

AccuWeb Hosting is supporting over 100k satisfied Businesses. In addition, there are the areas AccuWeb hosting covers in its services.

24/7/365 technical support by team experts:

24/7 live support:

Looking for quick technical support in odd hours? Don’t worry. Their highly-trained specialists are available 24/7 via the live chat option.

24/7 ticket support:

For any complex issues, our ticket system is always available for you. Submit you complex technical questions via support ticket.

Phone support:

You can reach them via call for any quick guidance or sales increase. Our senior technician will tackle your query via calls.

Basic support:

The basic support where their technicians do not need to log in to your server is included with any hosting plan you purchase from AccuWeb Hosting.

Fully Managed support:

AccuWebs fully managed support is available at very affordable rates. So you will focus on your business, and they will manage your service.

Reach knowledgebase:

Apart from the support options, AccuWeb hosting has a great list of knowledgebase articles, which will let you troubleshoot the issue independently.

Powerful performance with the latest hardware:

High connectivity:

All the AccuWeb Hosting servers have a 1Gbps port connection, perfect for Hosting, Forex treading, Game Server, Business needs, and so much more.

Latest processor:

They never compromise with hardware. For example, all Accuwebs servers have Dual Xeon E5 or E7 series servers featuring a whopping 512Gb ECC Registered DDR3 RAM.

Optimized storage:

AccuWebs classic VPS plans run on Nimble SAN storage, SSD VPS plans run on pure SSD drives, and VPS plans on high-speed distributed SAN storage.

Raid support:

All their Hyper-V nodes have powerful Raid 6 or Raid 10 architecture, allowing them to offer better performance for each VPS plan.

Security is essential they provide batter:

Server firewall:

All of their Windows VPS plans come with a built-in Windows firewall. So you will have full access to a firewall to strengthen the security of your VPS.

Server Antivirus:

AccuWeb understands how important security is. They can help set up ClamWin with any VPS plan at your request and at no additional cost.

Security patching:

To ensure that the host server is not compromised, they regularly install required patches and updates on our host server.

Regular Audits:

Performance is everything for any business, so that they perform regular audits of all their servers to eliminate any hardware or performance-related errors.

Get advantage of full control with all plans:

Fully redundant platform:

Their cloud architecture delivers redundancy to compensate for multiple harddrive failures, processing power, storage, etc.

Dedicated IP Address:

With each VPS plan, you Will have at least one dedicated IP address. You can connect to your VPS via the dedicated IP address allocated to it.

Full RDP access:

All Windows VPS plans of AccuWeb come with full administrative access via RDP. Therefore, we can install any application on our VPS as per our requirements.

Complementary backup:

Regardless of the plan or duration of the service, We offer a free weekly backup to all Windows VPS plans in Denver or USA.

Paid backup:

Apart from the complementary backup, they offer a daily CDP backup with all plans at a very affordable price.

VPS Management:

All plans in Denver include a web-based VPS management panel to monitor CPU, memory, and disk usage of our VPS.

We can also pause, resume, and restart the VPS.