Online Live Video The Most Trending Thing Now

Online Live Video The Most Trending Thing Now
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BEFAME is the short live streaming platform to become famous rapidly, grow your fanbase, and earn lots of gifts.

A platform for secure online live video streaming and broadcasting

BEFAME is a Software Video Mixer and Switcher. That takes advantage of the most recent advancements in computer technology to deliver live HD video mixing. A job that was previously only achievable with expensive dedicated hardware mixers.

BEFAME streaming provides professional tools and utilities to make your LIVE STREAMING experience more enjoyable and efficient. BEFAME streaming is a simple yet versatile solution for instantaneously streaming live video on a website to reach a global audience. BEFAME streaming offers quality live video streaming services to everyone, so you can start streaming your live events right now.

BEFAME is the most popular streaming platform for businesses. Our low-latency online live video solution is simple to use, operates on top-tier CDNs, and includes 24/7 online and phone support.

The Most Popular Features of BEFAME

Streaming on a Smartphone

Live Streaming to Smartphones: Our HTML5 video player is designed to work with the latest devices and browsers. Whether on a smartphone or a smart TV, no setup is necessary.

Platform with a private label

Your brand, your logo: Put your business front and centre by customising our video player with your logo and colours. You have total control over the style and feel of your content.


Broadcast in Full High Definition: Up to full HD 1080p resolution, deliver flawless, broadcast-quality footage. Make use of multi-bitrate technologies to guarantee that each viewer has the best experience possible.

OVP with an API

Create New Programs: Take use of features and incorporate them into your own digital media workflow. Using our RESTful APIs and iOS and Android SDKs, you may create your own OTT video platform or mobile apps.

Uploading Videos with Confidence

Organize your video collection: Bulk Add the layer of protection you want to your video and upload it. Our comprehensive video hosting platform gives you access to more video uploading and security options.

With our live streaming solution, you can prioritise the viewer's experience.


Before, during, and after your event, we ensure that you provide quality, high-resolution clear vision, numerous concurrent streams, and industry-leading support.

Provide a broadcast-quality experience to your audience: Deliver a stable, full-featured live broadcast at scale, with performance and quality designed for numerous devices and systems.

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We've allowed consumers to construct their bespoke computers at a tenth of the cost of standard live production equipment since BEFAME is a software solution. We've built BEFAME Reference Systems, which allow you to customise a BEFAME PC to meet your exact manufacturing requirements. We also offer a list of system builders who can help you construct a system!

BEFAME is for you whether you want to stage huge budget live musical productions, athletic events, Church services, or modest webcasts. See how BEFAME can fit into your process on our Solutions page.