Parenting in a Pandemic

Parenting in a Pandemic

(COVID-19) pandemic turned the lives of so many upside down. Nowhere has this been more visible than the interactions between parents and children.

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Parenting is an emotionally challenging time, even without COVID-19. Women may feel irritable, nervous, and confused. They may be concerned for both their baby's health and their own.

As an Internationally Certified infant Massage Instructor I have had the privilege of treating thousands of babies and children over the course of my career and have also had the honour of educating and empowering those parents to take action and have an impact on the health and wellbeing of their children.

Stocking a parent’s toolbox with evidence-informed, practical and effective hands-on strategies to help their babies deal with issues like gas/colic, teething, sleep disturbances, plagiocephaly (flat head) and neurological development is powerful!

It has been an eye-opener to witness the impact on parents and their babies during this pandemic. This study by looks at social interactions, physical growth, and cognitive development of infants during the pandemic.

It Takes a Village

The need for physical distancing has left many feeling isolated and alone at the very time we need human contact the most. Being isolated affects the circle of support we may normally have from family and friends. It takes a village to raise a baby yet the new parents who gave birth during this pandemic have had their village stripped from them. They don’t have the support and the babies don’t have the socialization thus causes more issues such as stranger anxiety.

Margaret Wallis- Duffy One Life Learning Community

Coming to a clinic like mine, Wallis for Wellness, for treatment has proven to be a HUGE help to both mom and baby! Being able to treat the baby for a wide range of issues while also showing mom/dad what they can do to help their child’s growth and development at home is critical. The baby is now being exposed to someone new which is so important, and Mom is also being supported both emotionally and with practical strategies to cope once the appointment is over.


Education and empowerment do not stop there- we reach beyond our treatment room walls and into the comfort of your home with our online learning community. Help is just a click away as you can take an on-demand video class or even have a video conference with Margaret or her team to help support you.

Margaret Wallis- Duffy One Life Learning Community

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy has also been critical in helping new moms manage their own mental and physical wellbeing as they navigate the changes in their bodies during these unprecedented times.

It can be hard to see your doctor and ensuring that Moms are taking care of them so that they can care for their babies is my passion. Massage helps to reduce pain, anxiety, improve sleep and improve body awareness so that you can be proactive in your health and prevent illness and injury.

Please feel free to reach out to our health care professionals with any concerns you have about your child's behavioral or emotional well-being and managing your family's stress.

Margaret Wallis- Duffy One Life Learning Community

Margaret Wallis-Duffy is a Registered Massage Therapist with a background in Kinesiology from the University of Waterloo. She is the Founder of Wallis for Wellness & CEO of Wow New Media Inc., One Life Learning Academy & The Better Together Movement.

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