The beauty and convenience of Lash Extensions

The beauty and convenience of Lash Extensions

In the busy world that we live, lash extensions have come to revolutionize our lives

Clients are always amazed at how eyelash extensions beautifully frame the eyes without any mascara as well as how it naturally boosts their confidence. Whether you are a student with a busy social life, a mum with a million things to do, or a businesswoman with no personal time, these are the types of clients who keep coming back for infills because eyelash extensions are more than a beauty treatment.’

With eyelashes being so on trend at the moment, failing to enhance them means you’re missing out on a ‘must have’ in your beauty routine. Fabulous natural and glamorous lashes are still the newest trend – and here to stay.

Benefits Of Individual Eyelash Extensions:  Individual eyelash extensions should feel natural and weightless, be water resistant and look after the health of your natural lashes

So what are the benefits of eyelash extensions?

Superior results giving a luxurious relaxing treatment … that lasts

Time saving – in both daily beauty maintenance and appointments

Feels natural and weightless and protects your natural eyelashes

Extensions are resistant to water

Relaxing and comfortable procedure

Tested and proven products

Individual Eyelash Extensions are perfect for thin natural lashes that need volume and fullness, shorter natural lashes that need length and straight natural lashes that require a curl to lift and frame your face.

Note:  We also offer Russian XD Volume lash extensions

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